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Thread: [HELP] Signal Strenght / No Service / Carrier Lost Issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiida View Post
    Hi qvietvs,

    What method did you try to uncursed ? I am so frustrated with the iphone...
    Ditto. But can you be very specific. I read your past post about downgrading and using iUnlock, but I tried that and didn't work for me. Maybe I did something wrong...

    Can you post your downgrading / Activating / Unlocking method and tools?

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    This is the one suffering from "No service curse" in HK. My phone signal strength fluctuates a lot (but mostly no signal when I am out) while I put my sim card to other's iphone the signal strength is full bar. I tried to downgrade to 1.0.2 and flashed the baseband of 1.0.2 but the same symptoms remain. I hope Dev Team will soon find a way to recover the baseband and free us from the curse....

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    I had an OTB 1.1.1 used Anysim and now am unlocked with no signal

    *Joins the no signal club*

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    Default It's The Hardware!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by srtpro4mance View Post
    *Joins the no signal club*
    To make a long story short...

    "A guy" checked my iphone and found there was nothing wrong with the software. He, then, ran hardware tests and found that, after No Service appeared, he could get service back if he re-inserted the SIM card (out and back in). Then, I don't know what he did (he ran some more diagnostics, with and without the SIM) and concluded there's was a lack of contact with the SIM at some times, probably a faulty SIM tray.

    So, yeah, hardware failing...

    Lucky me, he offered to exchange it for a new one at an apple store in the US, but they didn't exchange it. What they did is: they took the SIM tray (Just the tray, God knows why...) and "sent it for an exchange" I have to wait two weeks now...

    My suggestion (at everyones own risk, of course):

    Re-virginize the phone and trade it in for a new one. If you can't do that, you can try to put something in the SIM tray to see if you make a better contact (check first if you get a signal back by re-inserting the SIM or moving it around, I don't know...).

    "The guy" and I though of putting several layers of scotch tape on top (on the back) of the SIM, thus making it "thicker", but we never tried since we had the option of trading it in for a new one.

    Remember, though, I you get a new iphone, you'll get ver. 1.1.2, which is unlockable right now, but I don't care. I'm sure the process will surface soon enough!

    Good luck to all.
    Don't ask God for the way to Heaven, He'll show you the hardest way!

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    Nice I actually switched sim trays with a a co-worker whom has an working signal however It didn't seem to help my situation. May be the connection inside the phone itself.

    Let us know how the new sim tray works for you

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    I read a few other threads and decided to try a little trick.

    I went into settings>Phone and turned caller ID, call forwarding off then restarted the phone. The signal is back to full and hasnt dropped all day. I turned caller ID and call forwarding back on and restarted the phone and still works fine.

    Hopefully this streak continues

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    hey guys is there still no news how to really fix this problem? the only time the signal comes back is when i turn my iphone off for a few days then when i turn it on again with my sim inside thats when the signal comes out but after a few minutes it comes back to no service. hay really frustrated here. i think its been almost 2 months and i still cant use my iphone normally.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Sorry for the late reply. I had't logged in for quite a long time.

    I believe I have already typed in everything I had done to get rid of the NSC. But I am ready to try making it clearer if any step is confusing.

    Basically, I think the main trick is restoring each time after using the iEraser, and downgrading the baseband. This adds a bit of strain to the process but I believe each restore helps the software getting closer to the OoB state. I should note that I am still keeping the 1.0.2 version.

    I have been using my phone intensively (all GSM/EDGE/WiFi/BT) since I got rid of the curse. I haven't had any problems in using the phone abroad -with other couriers in UKi Germany or Italy-, as well. Loaded many applications via Installer and still everything works fine.
    Never had a reappearance of the NSC *knocks wood*.

    On the contrary to some of my friends here, I do not think this is a 'hardware issue'.

    Wish you all a merry xmas&bayram and a very happy new year.


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    Default CAUTION... Disassembly iPhone
    iPhone Disassembly iPhone

    i just disformed my iphone and have cut finger... I highly suggest not to open up the iphone...

    I have cut fingers, and scratches on the phone with a broken case..1!1!

    now a brick...
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    Any update on this curse?

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    Yes I need help also

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