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Thread: iPhone Call Button design

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    Default iPhone Call Button design
    Does anybody have a diagram or schematic for the way that the earbuds are wired. Specifically i would like to know how the in call button works.

    I assume that is a momentary switch?

    Is the switches natural position on or off?

    I would like to know what it is wired to/from?

    - Is it inline with the microphone or is it a seperate input?

    I will explain the application to you. I use a special throat mic with sure earplugs which all works great when plugged into the iPhone. Naturally I do not have a call button already assembled for this setup. I have a PTT for a handie talkie, it wont work (no surprise). I would graft a aftermarket or OEM call button except that I do not want the microphone (already have a throat mike).

    I would appreciate any information pertaining to this.

    I have full access of tools to make such a device, just need to know specifics.

    Once I make one I would be happy to make for anyone else at cost.

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    Question Earphone design
    I have been looking for the same info
    I listen to my iPhone alot while riding my motorcycle but the volume even maxed out is still to low so i have made a mini headphone amp and attached earphones and a mic into my helmet
    the jack on our factory earbuds looks like this

    ll <--1 right
    ll <--2 left
    ll <--3 mic and earphone ground----|
    ll <--4 mic positive-------------------| connect to call
    Four connections
    I havent finished making this mod but here is my theory on how it will work

    by comparing the design of a standard earphone jack and this crazy thing
    it looks as if 1 & 2 are the right and left earphones while 3 & 4 are the mic (the mic and the earphones share the same ground)
    3 will ohm out to all connections except for 4
    3 & 4 appear to be the momentary switch (call button)

    i know this is all very vague but i havent assembled everything yet and so far this is just how i see it working

    I hope this info can be helpful

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    very helpful. I'm not sure what earphones you are using, but sure earphones keep me from having to max out the volume. For my harley bagger clients at S&B cycle I reccommend using an mp3 amplifier program to boost the mp3's output before loading the songs

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    itunes will boost the volume on any song, I dont know if it loads into the phone with it but i know it does it

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    hey any luck with your call button yet. I was vaguely considering trying a wireless remote but the bluetooth does not supprt that. I mean a full remote mounted on the handlebar would be pretty sweet.

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