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Thread: Free Music on IPhone?

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    Default Free Music on IPhone?
    I just bought an unlocked IPhone for my son because he is doing so good in school.
    He would like to put FREE music on it.
    I have no idea where to start and he is afraid of bricking his pride and joy and the first IPhone in our little town.
    He has lots of MP3s on his Wiindows computer.
    How about Rhapsody? I have Rhapsody on my computer and we enjoy it a lot. Can this be set up on the unlocked IPhone?

    Once we figure this out then it will be games and other mods.


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    you can sync your phone to add music for your iTunes library.
    Just don't restore or update.

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    I guess I will have to downoad ITunes to my windows computer, right?

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    Yes. iTunes is pretty essential to syncing an iPhone. An iPhone without iTunes is possible, I suppose, but you lose the conveinience of a quick, automated, sync to your PC.

    Go here

    iTunes will guide you through importing your son's mp3 library into its own library management. Many people agree that iTunes is the best way to manage your music library!

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    It works great. He got his music and we even downloaded some podcasts of some cartoons.
    He is very happy 12 year old. He will play with this for a bit before we try something else new.
    Now I want an unlocked IPhone.

    Thanx y'all

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    So good in school? He's 12, he must be making some outstanding macaroni necklaces for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stemhead View Post
    So good in school? He's 12, he must be making some outstanding macaroni necklaces for you.
    lol That was great
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    I subscribe to Rhapsody. Download from them and convert DRM music to DRM free MP3's using Tunebite. From there I add the MP3 files to ITunes & sync with IPhone and all the music in the world for less than $15 a month. I use the Rhapsody already in my business anyway so it is no extra expense for us. It works great. Second IPhone arriving next week.

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