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Thread: Iphone Froze and keeps resetting....Pls Help

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    Default Iphone Froze and keeps resetting....Pls Help
    Hello fellows,

    I wanted to install iswitcher thru' installer app on the process I got an error message something about a script. So was not able to install it.Then when I went back to my home screen and the screen is froze so I tried soft and hard reset (home+power button). The phone hangs in the apple logo for about a minute then it got into my home screen. I noticed the themed changed. However, I can't access any of the icons/apps and the iphone is resetting (grey circle) from time to time. Tried it several times and I always end up with the same result.

    I have an unlocked iphone and still using 1.0.2 version. Itunes. ibrickr and tried it with 2 computers but my iphone is not recognized.

    Please help....thanks

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    Tried to do all the stuff from a previous thread thru' the link provided but to no avail. When I do the hard reset I still get the apple logo....then I just continue holding both buttons and I get the message where it says connect to itunes...but if I do.... itunes does not recognized my iphone and screen gets backs to the apple logo, hangs for a minute or so...then to my home screen but not with the slider....I see all the apps/icon installed my sim is recognized although it is an at&t to go plan.
    So how can I restore if my iphone is not recognized...What puzzles me is I always get into my home screen but it is resetting every minute or so as I see that grey circle.

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    Default did you load any hytimes sources
    me and my buddy had a similiar poblem we think it was from hytimes customize package but of course we can't be sure but we both had the same problem same program and more people have mentioned this on here
    Update your iTunes software in the help section and restart your computer then plug your iPhone in to the dock and in the wall power not usb
    the hold both buttons when you have the charging icon going on you phone the let the top button go after 30 seconds then but keep holding the home button
    once the iTunes sybol shows unplug from the wall and connect to the USB
    hopefully it will allow you to restore
    good luck

  5. #5 I have restored my iphone and now the screen displays...activate iphone...what to do the way I connected my iphone thru Ibrickr and did where it says free my iphone I guess this is what is called jailbreaking...sorry new to this since I bought my phone already unlocked and modded. How do I install the applications and bypass activation thru' itunes...Please advise. Thanks.

    I still have 1.0.2 firmware version, have not upgraded to 1.1.1.

    Just an Update:
    I was able to activate my iphone and installed some apps thru' installer app, and unlocked it using any sim. Everything is working great except for my you tube and yahoo mail. I was able to set up my gmail acct. but not yahoo. I was able to set yahoo mail prior to restoring my iphone without any problem but can't do it this time..
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    my iphone shows the apple symbol then a bunch of i guess command lines keep shootind down the screen plz help me

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