im having some issues here.
i want to have the below things (which I have already found large images to use so I can zoom in easily):

Full HK MTR Route Map:

MTR station list:
a simple list of the different MTR lines.
when you click on a line, it will show you a simple list of stations on that line.

MTR station map:
when you click on a station in the above list, it will show you a map such as:

1. since i dont know how to make an application, i tried just using photos transferred to the iphone. but when i zoom in on any of the above linked becomes really fuzzy and grainy...and i cant read any of the text. this is weird, because the images can zoom in very close on the computer.

2. is there any way to make folders inside of folders in the iphone photos app? on my computer i have:

MTR > Island Line > TST
MTR > Island Line > Central

but on the iphone it appears like:

MTR > TST, Central

it just puts everything in the main folders opposed to a hierarchy. anyway around this?