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Thread: Help with IPhone

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    Default Help with IPhone
    Hey my name is Denis.. i had my iphone since october.. i work in construction so my iphone gets very dusty.. i dropped it few times.. and today was the final drop!! lol the button on the bottom doesnt work.. i cant txt no one back.. i cud call but no oen hears me i cud hear pll.. wen i try txting my signal goes down and i got no service..:S im trying to charge it as i typing this and wont work computer wont read it..wen i turn it off and plug it in it turns on and now its telling me to plug it in to itunes i cant do nothing about it.. sorry if some1 answered this question already lol but this is messed up!! can any1 help..

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    u can call apple and ask them what the iphone protection plan does for you... im not sure what it does for u thats why i said ask... but it may replace it if it is broken... that is only if it was not unlocked or jailbroken...
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    Don't tell them you dropped it. Just tell them one day that it just started acting funny and at the end of the day, it turned on liek that. A stretch, but the teenagers working at the Apple store can sometimes be...

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    yea im in canada so i cant go to the apple store lol.. and its unlocked.. well it dont turn on now.. its dead.. r.i.p ifone.. had fun with it.. :'(..

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    Ah sucks... sell it on ebay.

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