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Thread: Battery gauge accuracy homescreen white gauge vs green gauge

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    Question Battery gauge accuracy homescreen white gauge vs green gauge
    I was just wondering if anyone has noticed that the battery gauge (white color) on the home screen doesn't exactly match the amount of charge level when compared to when the battery is green on other screens such as in phone app or any screen with a green colored battery. I've only noticed this when the battery is close to fully charged because I can't tell when the home screen battery goes down a notch but I can when it is a green battery icon. If it is more than 1 notch down then I can tell they match levels. Maybe it's just me and it's hard to see the battery go down one notch on the white home screen battery gauge. Anyone?

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    well I think that it is design that way so that you really will not use the iPhone to complete drained battery to prevent the life of the battery, constant full discharge will sometimes damage the battery as well
    you could try this tweak to see the number percentage battery left on your iphone

    again it is not 100% accurate to when you put in the charger, like on the phone it reads lets say 42% left, but when you put the charger, it jumps to 50%, so don't worry much about it, it just give you rough idea how much your battery left

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    No what I meant was that the green battery icon and the white home screen battery do not match charge levels. For example when the charge level is only down one notch on the green battery, it still shows full on the white home screen battery. I am not talking about the green battery when charging, this is the green battery when you open for example an application like email or safari and the battery color is green. This is not when charging.

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