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Thread: iPhone EDGE internet keeps shutting off. Randomly.

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    Default iPhone EDGE internet keeps shutting off. Randomly.
    This has been happening ever since I bought the phone. I'll be at school or something and when i try to get on the web, it will say cannot find server. Same with Weather and pretty much anything else that uses the web. I can still text and call.

    It happens randomly all the time and now im sick of it! I will check the Edge icon and it has the "E" in it while the internet isnt responding. 5 bars. Sometimes it will be off for like 10 minutes and come back on for no reason. I live near dallas, so i have edge coveage.
    Also sometimes i notice that edge icon will change to a blue box, then the E displays. (reconnecting?)
    I can fix it by turning off my iphone, or switch to airplane mode, but who the hell wants to have to do it?
    WIFI does not cause any problems or shuts off

    I am a AT&T customer.
    My iphone is jailbraked using ziphone 3.0
    Firmware: 1.1.4
    Ive restore it once already to see if it will correct the problem.(it hasnt)

    any ideas?
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    GPRS services are not guaranteed even if you have full bars. It has to do with the amount of available cells in the tower servicing you. If the cell tower is too busy with voice calls, it will sacrifice time slots from data to the point it will not allow any connections.
    Depending where you are in the country and ATT's rollout of their 3G network (that frees up channels by moving data onto the new frequency if your phone supports it) your experience may vary.
    If Apple rolls out their 3G iPhone you will have a much more pleasant experience in currently congested areas.

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