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Thread: do the features make a diffrence

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    Default do the features make a diffrence
    Hello iphone users i need to know one thing should i get the iphone instead of the ipod touch.
    Now before anyone says is the thing i do not want the phone service activated on the phone i only want to use the iphone for its ext speakers and the camera that it has over the touch so those are the reasons that i didnt just go with the touch to begin with. now my question is do you all feel its worth it for me to go through the steps to use it with out a contract or should i just get the touch.
    and what steps do you have to do to be able to use the iphone with out having the phone service activated. I ONLY want the ipod and wifi features,

    thanks everyone.

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    just activate and jailbreak it if u wanna use the iphone as an ipod. i gotta warn you it'll be tempting to start using the phone features soon after u get the phone =]
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    how do i go about activationg the phone after i purchase it?

    remember im not really activating anything i just want to be able to use the features on the phone but not the actually service.
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    There are dozens of tutorials online for activating/jailbraking/unlocking your iPhone; Google around
    Ziphone is by far the easiest tool.
    My recommendation is that if you really want the iPhone for the features you mention, I would try to get a refurbished or "used" device at this time. Being so close to the probable release of a superior 3G iPhone around june, paying top dollar for the device will give you a severe case of buyers remorse when Apple slashes prices on the current devices.

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    you will not own an iphone, and not try to call people with it. why carry a phone and itouch at the same time when u can put two n two together lol.

    you may say now, u wont, but when u get it, you will.

    activate/jailbreak with iLiberty+ but might as well unlock it and maybe toss in ur sim card. or not, ur choice
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    i dont have a sim card. I have sprint as a carrier and they do not use sim cards. my plan is to good to switch carriers. I do not have either the touch or iphone but i was planning on getting one or the other. the 3g iphone do you think will be released by the summer? O and im not about to purchase one in the next couple of weeks or anything just want to plan it out before i blow the 500 bucks.

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