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Thread: big iphone problem...lag??? virus ??

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    Default big iphone problem...lag??? virus ??
    ok..i was loading installer and after i clicked the home screen button..

    my iphone seems to be lagging massivly, i press the sleep button and it turns on say about a minute into it.

    ok when i hold the home button and sleep button...
    and turn it on again..

    i get black and white stripped lines acroos the screen and flashes to apple logo, then back to stripped line

    ok now after i hold the home button and sleep button
    it resets and then
    black and white stripes appear than the apple logo flashes.

    then after reset it agaisn the home screen and apple logo flashes.

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    this is exactly what is happening to me right now. I can't figure it out either. If you find a solution please send me a private message. I will do the same for you. Good luck my friend.

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    just give the iphone some time if you did modding it will freeze let all things unfreeze or complete...if you want to do a reset

    hold power and home keys for 60-90 seconds will do a reboot

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    Same here with me, did a reset a few times and still does the same thing, even hangs on the loading apple for 60+. Then it keeps going to the homescreen even though it is already on the home screen. Crap.

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    hey what firmware are you guys on 1.1.1?

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    im on 1.1.1 same black and white lines and i can't restore

    i put it into restore mode but i get an error (5)

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    it happened to me today. I tried to install a summerboard theme by installer. and I got Main script error. once I exit the application, my iphone is extremely slow.

    I tried to restart it, it works for around 3 sec. lag...... work for 3 sec.. lag.. again..

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    thats just how it happen to me I got Main script error. once I exit the installer then its endless reboot and flashing black and white lines

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    it happened to me as well yesterday just do a restore and go to and reinstall. I was adding sources to my installer yesterday when this happened to me.


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    hey everyone i had this happen to me the other night it was really bad lag i reinstalled 1.1.1 firmaware then went back to 1.0.2 put installerapp back in not the newer version the old one i installed iswitcher in the morning everything worked great for the full day then come around evening i jus pow work and it did that bs to me again but it wasnt as bad i waited till everything loaded and managed to get into my installer and uninstall what lil apps i had put mainly iswitcher and a few of its theme packs then held off button for awhile and the slide bar came up and rebooted it started working great again and i still had installerapp in also i figured it cant be installerapp due to the fact that the night b4 when it crashed 1st time i was trying to dl a iswitcher theme so i installed the newest version of installer back in and no problems whatsoever just veering away from iswitcher and themes plz post feed back to this so we can hit a pinpoint on the cause of this

    p.s. another source for cause could be cause i did use that on my 1.1.1. version and nothing happened even when i tried it on 1.0.2 and this all started happening around the release of that website so im jus looking for cause and affect
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    Do you guys have autolock set to never? if not this may cause iphone to freeze when installing apps. please check. just my .02 cents.

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    Hey !

    Do you have Summerboard installed ?
    I also have lagging, freezing, and crashing problems due to summerboard.
    Try without it and see if you get the same symptoms !

    Hope it helped ^^

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    I suffer from the same problem!!!

    i was told about the Auto lock thing... but still seems to freeze/lag!!!

    need help!!!!!

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    Default My Way !
    I just let the phone die ( battery 0 % ) then plug in with the charger, hold home and the other button on top of the phone ( I don't know how to call it ) then hold both untill the black screen show iTune and USB photo. then open iTune on the computer and connect the USB and restore factory setting. This way should help you to use your phone instead of watching it turn on and off doing some stupid thing. At least you can you your phone and wait for AppSnapp version 1.1.2.

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