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Thread: fixing headphones split at the mic

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    Default fixing headphones split at the mic

    Like a lot of you, my headphones appeared to split at the microphone section, exposing the wires.

    It appears the problem is the way the cords are connected by being stuck inside the mic, rather than the whole wire going through and allowing some kind of cord slack inside the mic.

    Apple could resolve this if they made the mic SLIGHTLY bigger and allowed some cord to be in there, so the mic would have some slack in it to move (PATENT PENDING LOL)


    I found a nice way to fix these, and as an added bonus, makes them 10x stronger than before so they should NEVER break again.

    Step 1. Get some silicon and apply to each end of the mic. Try and have clean hands while doing this to keep the silicon clean. Dab it on with a nail, pen, match stick, etc.. allow to try and perhaps hold in position for a few minutes until the silicon can have some time to begin to set.

    Step 2. Get some heat shrinking tube from your local electrical store (in australia, **** Smiths sells it) and cut two small peices approx 5mm thick. The size of the initial tube should be the smallest size possible to fit over the 3.5mm jack.

    Step 3. Shrink the electrical tube onto either side of the mic, ensuring to NOT cover the mic hole. Using a small blade, the sides can be cut back out the side of the mic - however, it wont effect clicking functionality either way it's more of a cosmetic thing.

    Enjoy your new super tough microphone. Although the tube exists in white, black would also look nice..or if you feel like being a bit wild, you could even go RED!! LOL

    I will update this post with pics when I fix my next one. I'd post just a plain silicon one that I have, but it honestly doesnt look that great until you add the heatshrink tube.

    NB: It can look a bit shabby just after you do the silicon job, but this is just to add extra strength between the cord and the mic, to not add stress onto the already weak join.

    I now feel confident to add different earbuds (check for example) of some sort to the end, knowing it should last a while.

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    OHH i have this problem i hate it thanx
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    Guys the Headphones are under warranty. I had a problem with mine. Go to Apple Store...they will replace for free.


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