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Thread: Connect to iPhone without SSH

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    Default Connect to iPhone without SSH
    is there a way to connect to the iphone, and browse like you would when connected over SSH, but do it just by plugging the iphone in?

    My problem is that I am at a University, so i am plugged in to the internet by ethernet, and i dont have a default wireless network set up, so i am not connected wirelessly, and my phone is not always connected to wireless. So in order to connect with SSH, i have to create a wireless network on my computer, and connect to it with my iphone, then SSH in. Is there a way that i can just connect using the iPhone cord??

    I am on a Mac btw

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    well for windows there ibrickr. i'm sure theres a program out there for mac seeing as windows always comes second for programs.
    hopefully someone can give a better direction.
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    There's ifuntastic...

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    Or Independence

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    wow.. so there is nothing that remotely resembles SSH when you connect with the cord? that sucks.. you would think that would be a very easy way to do things./..

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    iphone browser maybe?

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    I'm on windows so I haven't looked into it very much, but I haven't heard of any such program for macs or windows. Sorry but why is it so important to view it exactly the way you do on ssh?
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    when connected to the phone using the cord, and using something like ifuntastic, everything runs slow, and its just a sloppy interface... dont like it.. and independance doesnt allow you to view the whole filesystem, just a couple of parts, do that doesnt work for me.

    I had AFP on my phone with 1.1.3 before, and that was actually my favorite way of connecting, so i could just use finder to browse my phone. Has anyone been able to get AFP working on 1.1.4?? i cant figure it out..

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    There is a program that does what you want. I've used it. It's a 30 day trial and is very similar to WinSCP.

    But I can't for the life of me remember what it's called. When it comes back to me I'll post here.

    Got it!

    It's called Total Commander and you need a plugin.

    See this.

    It's for Windows though.
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    I have never used SSH before and I have to remove a file.
    can anyone tell me how to start the set up process and which programs to use?

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    check the guides section.. you will find everything you could ever need....

    here you go

    still wondering if AFP works on 1.1.4... .

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    hey, the link that you gave me does not work.. nothing on that page.. but i was using a guide from here on AFP, and could not get it to work...

    ok.. so i decided to give up on AFP for now, and go with SFTP, but now, after following the guide on this site, i cannot connect to my phone.. this is killing me, i wanna upload themes !!!)

    Im on MacBookPro, I dont have wireless, so i created a wireless network, put a password on it, used my iphone to connect to it. And it said i was connected, got the ip, put it into transmit, put everything the same way that the guide says.. and it cant connect.. any idea?? iphone running 1.1.4
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    There is this program called DiskAID search for it on Google it should take you to a place called DigiDNA or something... hope this helps!
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    old, old, old thread but thanks for updating it

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    Yes there is. Use iPhone iTunnel Suite. Search it on google. Its basically SSH but instead of using wifi, you use the usb cable to connect. I use it when theres no wifi network available. And the data transfer speeds are much faster too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MathewWins View Post
    There is this program called DiskAID search for it on Google it should take you to a place called DigiDNA or something... hope this helps!
    Agree with this guy. DiskAid is the perfect app to get into your iPhone without needing wireless. But they only give you 2 weeks trial

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