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Thread: iPhone Mobile Calendar crashing upon launch

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    Default iPhone Mobile Calendar crashing upon launch
    My iPhone calendar abruptly started crashing every time I try to open it...this did not start happening as a result of a recent installation of any programs to the best of my knowledge, as its been a while since I've installed anything...

    At this point I have absolutely no idea how to fix the problem, other than restoring my iPhone and starting over from scratch, which I would like to avoid if at all possible!

    Anyone have any suggestions as to how I should try fixing this problem?

    If anyone has any suggestions that might involved SSHing into my phone and running some kind of terminal command on something, I would really appreciate it if you could be as detailed as possible, as my knowledge experience with this is limited...

    Possibly related to the Calendar crashing (and this might be an entirely separate issue all together - though it may be related so I figured I should at least mention it) - I currently have the Calendar nested within a 'Categories' folder, and I tried removing the from the folder so that it would appear on the homescreen, but for some reason its icon remains invisible if I try to do so and is only accessible again if I re-add it back to the categories folder where it had once been located...

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!

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    rename ~/Library/Calendar/Calendar.sqlitedb to something else
    where ! is /var/mobile for 1.1.3 and above and /var/root for 1.1.2 and below.

    I suggest installing MobileFinder and using that to rename.
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    I tried completely removing that file, rebooting, and then launching the Calendar again...that file was rebuilt in doing the aforementioned, but the crashing problem is still happening??

    Any thoughts?

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