Hello everyone here at ModMyI, nice finally being able to write you all. =)

Anway, I have been restoring my iPhone a lot of times these past days, but I just recently got into a problem and none of the other threads seem to cover my problem.

I restored, jailbreaked to 1.1.4 through Ziphone, got all my music, photos and video on it. I installed tons of apps from the Installer as well, and then I figured out I wanted to move my stuff from the internal memory to the 8GB, using PrefTools.

I did that, and it was succesful with the fonts and ringtones. I got to the apps and it did it succesfully as well. I go back to the springboard and boom, it shuts down and a circle keeps loading.

Now, I then did what I have been doing a lot of times. Holding down the HOME-button as well as the 'turn on/off' button, releasing the 'turn off button' after it restarted. But the 'link to iTunes' won't pop up, and it gets stuck at the loading again.

What shall I do? =/