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Thread: 1.1.1 Vs. 1.0.2

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkoNova View Post
    I now have 1.1.1 hacked and customized and I don't think I'd ever consider going back to 1.0.2. Sure there's a few things that don't work 100% (like how customize can only arrange 12 apps, and then after that, they go wherever customize feels like putting them, customize doesn't do sound, etc)
    All those work on my 1.1.1 iPhone.
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    the only really differnece for me was the double clicking of the home button...i like that...but other than that nothing pops i guess 1.1.1 is better

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    V1.0.2 no hassle for me
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    i agree. the 1.0.2 has less hassle. don't see what's really good on the 1.1.1 yet.

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    Well I had revirginized my iphone so I can install 1.1.1 back when I started this thread... but back then I didn't quite like it cause of all the missing features so I went back to 1.0.2. when I went back, I used anysim 1.1.1 instead of the old one. If I want to upgrade do I have to revirginize again? Or is it fine not to because I used anysim 1.1.1?

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    1.1.1 and loving it

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    im gonna go with 1.02 - after having problems with battery life on 1.1.1 my battery lasts much longer with 1.02 and have had "no" crashes on springboard or safari since I downgraded - I have everything on my phone that I had in 1.1.1 and see no reason to upgrade
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    I tried 1.1.1 and I loved the double click iPod control

    I miss that

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    this is kinda a dumb thread cuz all the fw have differant things that the one befoe didnt. obviously the newer one the better...

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    yeah what jeff said. and plus why isn't 1.1.2 as one of the list. 1.1.2 is by far the best fw out because they overlocked the cpu slightly to make the iphone a little faster and smooth

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    Well, I'm running 1.1.2 and have 0 problems with it.

    But in terms of 1.1.1 vs 1.0.2, there is now a 3rd party patch for 1.1.1 which fixes the Voicemail SMS issues which I believe is a massive improvement

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    1.1.1 just roks!
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    Theres no other, all i can say is MMi Rocks!!

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    I too run 1.0.2 and after a "freeze" that I could only work around using iBrickr, I am now thinking I might "need" to upgrade to 1.1.1....

    Can someone offer, is 1.1.1 MUCH more stable than my 1.0.2? I'm not interested in many "bells & whistles" but look only for stabilty....


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