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Thread: WiFi Lost for no reason

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    Default WiFi Lost for no reason
    Hi I had a 1.1.3 iPhone that lost WiFi all of a sudden, at least i cant hook up to my wifi at home anymore
    +The WiFi is recognizable with full strength but neither Safari, nor Installer, nor Youtube, mor Mxtube can connect
    +I was in 1.1.3 hoping to fix the problem i upgraded to 1.1.4 using iLiberty+ with no change or success(no my phone has no Summer board and i cant put any apps on it )

    Could this be a hardware error or is there any fix i can run for this?
    Have any of you ran into the same problem? And if you did: How did you fix it?

    Thanks in advanced

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    Try this: Go to Settings/Wifi, pick the blue arrow of your connection, select (I dont remember the original name) Forgot this Network. Go back to wifi, select Other..., Put exactly your Wifi name, the encription Wep/Wpa/Wpa2, and the pasword and try to connect.

    Other solutions for wifi conection problems that I had read:

    - Enter the password with Caps/Lock activated.

    - Enter the password in Hexadecimal format.

    - Unprotect the wifi and use MAC filter.

    - Put a Wep password, make the conection and change after the encripcion.

    Every iPhone are a world. ;-)

    (sorry for my siouxglish) ;-)

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    You should also try restarting your router....

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    Quote Originally Posted by freakoftheindustry View Post
    You should also try restarting your router....
    Yeah, often the most easy solution is the best solution. ;-)

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    Thanks for the replies

    I found a very simple solution for no wifi problem and that is called "ziphone 3.0" as I had mentioned before I did a restore and used iLiberty+ which i honestly dont know why is it the mot recommended tool when you have to tell it what to do instead of doing it itself such as activating youtube, all of us non AT&T carriers KNOW for a fact you have to jailbreak unlock the phone in order to even be able to use the device. My concern is...why would you want a tool that doesn't do something this essential? AT&T carriers dont need this tool since they would only jailbreak the phone and you get installer and stuff

    This might change the topic in the thread...but I am just curious why iLiberty is considered better than it because you can add apps while restoring? Psh! The apps list is not even all that great

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    Because iLiberty has less of a chance of messing up your WiFi's calibration tables.
    No matter how many people support and defend it, it's still the unsafest method of jailbreaking your phone to date.
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