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Thread: need help for many problems >: someone help!

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    Default need help for many problems >: someone help!
    okay, so i have a 1.1.4 version of iphone and its unlocked by using iLiberty.
    i have iTunes version (iTunes 7)
    i have cydia in my iphone, not installer
    i don't have wi-fi connection (i may have but only if emergency case)
    i have windows

    i'm a total dummy for not knowing these things, i know, but could anyone possibly help me with any of these problems here?

    so, my questions/problems are:

    1: HOW ON EARTH can i install third-party applications to my iphone without internet in my use??!??!! meaning wi-fi or edge or anything. only computer. i have tried iGopher but dont get it: do i still need istaller in my iphone? or what? and how can i use Gopher? it keeps saying no connection even my iphone is connected.

    2: my bluetooth doesn't work. it doesn't recognise any devices and no other devide does recognise my iphone.

    3: when listening music, i can hear sound only from one of the two speakers. the riht one is mute.

    4: my earphones (the ones that came within the origina pack) don't work. or they do but the mic does not. and when i press the button that sould pause the music, it just doesn't work. dont know why.

    my english isn't perfect, i'm from finland actually. still hope u understand.

    i'd appreciate all your help!!!

    thank u.

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    You can do it manually using the program called iphonebrowser if you are on windows.

    Just search google for "iphonebrowser" and you will find it. There are some versions out there that will not install correctly so just be patient if the first one you try doesn't work.
    if you are on a mac then I'm not sure what prgram to use. Maybe cyberduck?

    You can search this website or google for a tutorial on how to manually upload apps from your computer.

    I believe that all you have to do is drop the apps into the root/applications folder.
    you may then need to do more via ssh or vt100 terminal. But again I suggest you search for a tutorial.
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    Question number 2: Answer: Your bluetooth only work with headsets, you can not connect to other devices you can not transfer files for example.

    Answer to number 3: You have only one speaker on the left, the right one is a microphone. So you can hear only from one side and that is normal.

    For the rest you have to read a little, just do a search.
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    1. iphonebrowser is the only one i know of for pc that does not require internet to connect from your pc to your phone, and most applications will have a read me/instructions as to how to install and what permissions to set it to. you'll need to install term-vt onto your phone or squid to set permissions as i don't believe iphonebrowser has that ability. you cannot download applications from your phone directly from either cydia or installer as they both require internet connection

    2. as iblade has mentioned, and make sure when youre connecting to a headset that either your phone or the headset is set to discoverable by devices

    3. as iblade has said

    4. sometimes my apple headphones decide to crap out and the buttons won't work. i just have to plug and unplug it for it to work again. worst case was to restart the phone. and if that still doesn't work, perhaps it's broken

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    thank you for ur time and advice, they were really hepful!!

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    You're welcome, if you get stuck somewhere feel free to ask.
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    A little more advanced but the best alternative:
    You can also build a custom IPSW firmware restore that includes your applications of choice and load it all through iTunes.

    Use iBuilder to download and create the bundle.

    Use The Pwnage Tool (or the windows equivalent) to create your own firmware restore that includes your custom bundle.

    Use iTunes to custom restore your iPhone.

    Google around and there are many detailed tutorials for this procedures in using iBuider and Pwning your iPhone.

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    i keep trying!

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