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Thread: Reboot From Command Line Or Winscp

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    Default Reboot From Command Line Or Winscp
    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...OK..So I had to restore my phone ( 1.1.4 ) 4 times in the last 8 days.Can someone please tell me if there is a way to reboot from winscp. Im a newbie..and i have searched through Ericas utilities, I thought i could use the mobileReboot command line..I just need someone kind to tell me how. Im really trying to avoid a restore. Winscp sees my phone as does itunes. All my files are there, its just stuck on the apple logo. Ive done the hold the buttons down etc. I would be so grateful if you could help me. I did try to uninstall the last app before the circle of death..but it didnt help. Now I have the fricking apple logo and i JUST finished a complete restore...if there is a command line or ANYTHING I can try via Winscp,ibrickr or pc browser..please tell me.

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    Check zee permissionz on and the executable file.

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    I did check those. I was stuck on the apple logo and i got tired of trying to fix it so I did a restore YET AGAIN!!! but thank you .

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    What did you download that made you get stuck on the apple logo?
    because that happened to me like a day ago and i had a restore.

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    geez, 4 restores in 8 days, what are you doing

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    After a 3rd time restoring I attempting solving it via winscp. AND IT WORKED! Maybe this is documented elsewhere, but its been real skim trying to find any solutions to the dreaded white apple of death. I SCP'd in and started deleting app's ; at first, one by one. Finally I just deleted all of the installed apps and almost instantly springboard loaded! At least I know there's a cure. I will closely track this, but I think it's a problem in springboard having many app's - I had 5 full screens. It seemed in that range it was "random" what app or activity would hang the phone. On 2.0.2 pwn'd.

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    In 1.1.4, this would happen if you exceeded, I'm thinking 80 (?) applications while not having summerboard installed.
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