Recently I bought an iphone was thinking to give it to my brother as birthday present. When I got the new iphone in hand, I applied invisible shield on it.

After a long 1-2 hours applying that thingy on it, looks cool and nice but when I switched the iphone on, apparently everything just works fine but the bottom right corner of the screen is not working properly as if there is an invisble finger pressing that part of the screen... That affects other buttons as well for example... youtube... I needa repeatedly press it in order to get it to run... same goes to other buttons... despite I couldn't do anything at the bottom right corner, ipod could not be run because I couldn't press it. well once I had to touch like 20-30 times for it to open...

But the worst part is, when I try to type stuffs in sms or notes, I couldn't get those buttons to properly typed... when I type R it could come out M for example..

Is it because of the water from invisible shield (not the invisible shield because I removed it and try again... still...), or is it some malfunction.....?

thing is, it recovers a little bit after few hours... shall I wait or return to sender?