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Thread: Can I connect my Iphone to Itunes after unlocking?

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    Default Can I connect my Iphone to Itunes after unlocking?
    I live in Canada and had to get my Iphone unlocked, my main concern is if im allowed to connect to Itunes, or will it screw up my phone?
    Thank you in advace


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    yes you can sync your music videos photos just dont do any updated or youll brick your phone and have to do the process all over again set your automatic updates to off

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    Im sorry for being such a NOOB but where do i switch the "automatic updates" off? On the actual computer or on the Iphone itself? I've tried to find this function on the computer but the closest thing that I found was "disable automatic sync" which i dont think is what im looking for. So is this something that is done on the Iphone, and where do i find this option?
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    on the computer it'll ask you if you want it to auto update

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    To confirm i have a unlocked iphone firm 1.0.2 your saying its ok to use itunes 1.4.2? As long i untick the auto form update

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    yeah everytime you connect your phone to itunes it'll ask you if you want to update. you click cancel and itll take you to the main screen. if you dont want the message to pop up everytime just click the box that says don't ask me this question again.
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