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Thread: i have a problem with activation please be so kind as to help.

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    Default i have a problem with activation please be so kind as to help.
    i am attempting to activate my phone via the method provided in form this method, however Independence continuously tells me "select where you unzipped the firmware files" and i do not know what firmware files it is asking for. The guide does not meation this step at all, i do have the firmware for 1.0.2 on my compture, however i dont know if this is the firmware that Independence is asking for. can someone please help me out thanks!-jerry
    so far i have downloaded
    -virginizer pack
    -firmware 1.0.2
    The phone is brand new and has firmware 1.0.2 installed.

    here is the link to the method as by this site.

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    you need 102 before you go to 111 first downgrade to upgrade it should be here somewhere

    yes that is 102 is good sorry didnt see that your set
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    bump please help!

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    Read the help files in Independence - there are several paragraphs on where to get an how to setup the firmware files. independence help is in the help menu when the program is running.

    An excerpt (but please read the whole file ...)

    2. Download the 1.0.2 firmware file from Apple if you don't have it already.

    • If you downloaded it using Safari, then Safari will have automatically decompressed the file you downloaded to a folder named iPhone1,1_1 and removed it. However, you need to have both the original downloaded file as well as this folder. To fix this problem, open Finder, navigate to where the folder is, select all of the files contained within the folder (Apple-A), right-click (or Ctrl-click) one of the selected files, and then choose the Create Archive of 5 items menu item to recreate the downloaded file again. The file created will be named Rename it to be called iPhone1,1_1.ipsw

    • If you downloaded it using another web browser, and the browser didn't automatically decompress that file to a folder, then change the file extension from .ipsw to .zip and unzip it yourself by right-clicking (or Ctrl-clicking) it, selecting Open With from the menu, and then selecting BOMArchiveHelper. If you renamed the file to have a .zip file extension, rename the extension back to .ipsw

    3. You should now have a folder which has a name starting with iPhone1,1_1 that contains all of the firmware files as well as a file with the same name as the folder but with an extension .ipsw added to it.

    4. Select the Firmware tab and press the Enter DFU Mode button.

    5. You'll be prompted to choose the folder where you unzipped the firmware files (the one discussed in the previous steps). Ensure that you choose the folder and not the .ipsw file.

    6. If you get an error message saying Error entering recovery mode then quit iNdependence, restart it, and try entering DFU mode again (you don't need to do the firmware steps again).

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