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Thread: some questions about google maps and triangulation

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    Default some questions about google maps and triangulation
    hey guys, just got my iphone and unlocked it through ilibertyx and it worked perfectly and now on 1.1.4. Everything works fine but since I'm a new user to the iPhone world, just have some questions. Now, I did try to search but couldnt find the answers so I need to ask. I'm not like those users here that don't use the search function (after all; it was this site that helped me unlock my phone). But here goes:

    For the triangulation of cell phone towers in order for google maps/navizon to work, does it always use edge or not? I have fido on Canada and I have the E sign bit I didnt subscribe to edge because its too expensive. Does the map funtion need edge all the time or am I missing somthing here? I'm under the assumption that triangulation works by cell towers but it doesn't work unless I have edge?

    Second, my wifi at home doesn't connect at all. In using wpa2 and my laptop works fine; I know wifi works because I'm typing this message at alocal coffee shop. Would I have to switch encryption or is there a workaeound?
    thanks for the great help from the community!

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    maps can use wifi but they have to be a public LICENCED wifi(im not entirely sure what they are called. they have been given location info to help do a virtual triangulation pinpoint.
    second i don't know why wpa2 isn't working, all i can guess is its business WPA isn't it?! and iphone hasn't been made to connect to WPA2 connections.
    Does it see the connection or is it just not using it as a connection?

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    Well, I fixed the wifi probl. It was due to only 802.11g/n and not including b. Once I had this set, it worked perfectly, so for newbies, make sure its b compatible!

    As for the 1st question, I think u have to use edge to get the cell tiangulation because the maps are not preloaded so it needs either wifi or edge to get updated, so that's why it didn't work for me without wifi. Edge in Canada quite pricey so I probably won't sign up anytime soon just for google maps to work

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