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Thread: Do I have a lemon unit?

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    Default Do I have a lemon unit?
    I just my brand spankin' new iPhone yesterday... I ran iActivate to bypass the AT&T activation... the only other thing I've done to it is add some custom menu icons.

    From a full battery charge, I woke up this morning and my iPhone was at 5% life, then died a moment later. According to the Usage meter, I had 90 mins usage and 12 hours standby before the battery death.

    I wouldn't be so worried but my co-workers (who got it the same time I did) left theirs on all night with wifi &, bluetooth on - they all still have tons of battery left.

    Could it be since I didn't activate with AT&T? Is it possible hacking the activation is a major drain on the battery?

    Or do I have a lemon?

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    Recharge it one more time and see the result. If its similar to what your getting now then all signs point towards you having a lemon battery

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    Thanks for the reply... I'm charging it now at work, then I'll let it run all neat and see what happens. Could have been just a bad first charge.

    I love this thing!

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    From what i understood (personal experience and reading online) most of the battery issues involved the usage screen not displaying anything at all aswell.

    If it is a lemon though, your all set at the Apple Store. They pretty much just take you on your word and hand you a new one (unless your dealing with pixel issues :-p)

    Let us know how it goes

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    I've also read the first charge or two can be bad... andthat one should completely restart their iphone, charge it back to 100%, then see how it goes.

    I'm at about 90% now... I've got my fingers crossed for tonight! Otherwize, back to Appleland it goes.

    Will update with results. :-)

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    When did your charge finish? Are you sure it finished (plug in small battery icon)?

    Mines been on all day (1h 44min/8h 16min) and id say im at 90%. I don't have bluetooth, auto checking email, wifi, or the screen brightness tho, so keep that in mind.

    What settings do you have on?

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    Oh, sorry, I meant I've been charging it all morning, at about 90% full now.

    I haven't disconnected it from the Mac yet! That last 10% takes hours, from what I've read... I'll probably disconnect it in about 4 hours when I leave work.

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    USEAGE METER???? I didn't think anybodies actually worked...

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    Ok, it's 3am and I'm about to go to sleep. The iPhone is still rocking strong with 90 mins usage and 10.5 hours of standby. The battery shows only 1 pixel down from full, so I guess I'm about 90% charged right now. (That, by itself, is pretty damn amazing)

    If I wake up and it's 5% again I've got a serious problem... Fingers crossed!

    Ahhhh, looks like I might be ok!

    I just woke up..... 90mins usage, 17 hours standby.... wifi and bluetooth one, search for networks checked... And rather than 5% it looks like I have 85-90% battery life left!

    Awesome! I guess that first charge was a bad one somehow? Hope this will help anyone in a similar experience. :-)
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    Default Battery Life
    Well I can personally tell you that this is my third iphone. With my first one I would surf the web and play youtube and things to test battery life and i never even made it to 4 hours if i were surfin the web and playing youtube video. So I took it in to the Apple Store they gave me an replacement phone brand new out the box. So again I used it for almost 2 weeks and decided to see how long it would last without needing a charge. Well this phone I just surfed the web non stop for about almost 3 hours battery shows 20%. I said to myself maybe im just one unlucky guy and I went in to the Apple Store again and once again they gave me a brand new phone out the box. So I tried it again and I get just about the same results, if you are gonna surf the web non stop you won't get the 6hours of internet use they tell you about in the specs. I have yet to test the ipod or video player mode but i know youtube will drain your battery quick. I have never seen these results of 2 days before charging like some people claim, I get the most usage out of my phone when it's on standby while im working and by the time my battery dies the usage meter will say like 15 hours standby 4 hours of usage. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! I would really like to know how long other users battery life last... And I haven't hacked my iphone yet so thats not part of my issue here.

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    I charge my iPhone over night while I sleep. Get up and go to work, I am a carpenter so I listen to the ipod on it almost a full 9 hrs. at work. When I get home I use it a good bit, but it is always about to die by bedtime again. Considering the amount of stuff I do with it all day I think the charge lasting all day is good. I keep mail checked every 15 min. but I turn wifi off.

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    I cant last the day without recharging twice with wi-fi and bluetooth off so I will return it and get another one.


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    you guys are nuts lol mine im on it 15 mins for break 1 hr for lunch in between sometimes to show to customers at work and another 15 minute break and still have about 85 % then i go home put it on the charger play with it and hack it, it almost seems like its on the dock and charger more than in my pocket maybe you guys who are on it 24/7 should set up a schedual to actually have a charge time. Its like when your mommy and daddy bought your first bike theyd have you come in everyonce in a while to get a drink or eat consider that so the same with the iphone its yours and you need to treat it with care and keep it charged.

    I myself with a fully modded phone no icons in the middle blank slider, custom backpiece, and turbosim, just imagine what my bike looked like. Hah

    Anyway batterys online drains dramatically considering your using so much memory. Same with videos , bluetooth, and music.

    if you need to charge your iphone twice even three times a day get a life and get a girlfriend....hah or a job

    Anyways happy hacking

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