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Thread: Tether iPhone (1.1.4) EDGE over Ad-Hoc to Asus Eee PC (Linux)

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    Default Tether iPhone (1.1.4) EDGE over Ad-Hoc to Asus Eee PC (Linux)
    I'm trying to get the Internet working on my Asus Eee PC laptop by an ad-hoc wireless network from my iPhone (1.1.4).

    I've read all the online guides and forum posts on this, but I just can't get it to work.

    I've set up the ad-hoc network on the laptop using:
    sudo ifconfig en1 inet netmask


    I've connected to this wireless network on my iPhone, and set it as static,


    I can ping the iPhone from the laptop using "ping".

    PING WORKS PERFECTLY (except the connection cuts out if I close the settings panel on the iPhone, but I can live with this, unless anyone has a fix for it?)

    I have BSD Subsystem, OpenSSH, etc. installed on my iPhone. I have enabled srelay using Bossprefs.

    I have set Firefox to use SOCKS PROXY and I have set the network.proxy.whatever.remotedns to TRUE.

    But it doesn't work... Firefox gives a "The connection was reset" error. Just entering IP addresses does not work either.

    I don't know if the alpine password is required somewhere. There are quite a few settings available on the laptop from then settings of the File Manager that comes with the special Linux build on the Asus Eee PC, basically these settings allow for HTTP, HTTPS and FTP proxy addresses as well as a username and password for proxy authorization... however what I put in here has not made any difference. I've tried putting for the proxy and root, alpine for username, password. This does not work.

    Please could you help me get this to work?


    Before anyone posts anything saying "type this into mobileterminal", I need to say that I can't get mobileterminal working. It just keeps asking for username and password and does not accept "root", "alpine". I have installed the SUID Lib Fix and BSD Subsystem Termfix, but this does not fix it.

    It seems no one in the forum can answer my question. Can the moderator please move this topic to a forum where it can be answered? Thanks!
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    Post May 2008 Tether iPhone in WINDOWS EASY
    Okay i have been trying to tether my iPhone in windows for quite a while WITH NO LUCK! This is an APPLE made Mac Oriented Phone and so trying this with windows comes without a whole lot of support.

    But I finnaly did it!

    cause a genious made it simple check him out over at
    anyway heres my Guide:

    Ok I am going to assume your total N00b:
    To tether Your iPhone in windows (I am using XP) I assume this will work for all versions.

    First get these Programs:

    ZiPhone - Used to Jailbreak, Unlock, etc
    - Version 3.0

    PuTTY - SSH and SOCKS telnet client.
    - Version 0.60

    Thats All the Software.

    Heres what to do:

    1. Run ZiPhone - Select the 'Do It All' Option.
    2. Create a a Wireless p2p or Ad-Hoc network.
    3. Connect to it with iphone.
    4. Assign iPhone a static IP:
    --I am using -
    5. Assign your PC a static IP.
    --I am using -
    6. In your add the source:
    --Under 'Networking' install XSrelay
    ---Install Boss Prefrences
    ----Under 'Utilities' install Boss Prefs for XSrelay
    7. On your home Screen open Boss Prefs and make sure WiFi, SSH, and XSrelay are on

    YOUR iPhone is Setup!

    I am using the firefox Browser to route through the proxy.

    Configure Firefox.

    1. Tools>Options - Advanced Button>Network Tab

    Maunal Proxy Configuration:
    Socks Host:
    Port: 1080


    In the address bar 'about:config'
    Use the filter bar to search 'Socks'
    network.proxy.socks_remote_dns is the one we are looking for double click to make the value TRUE
    ok your done...

    Open PuTTY connect to IP use thier default port 22
    once in login:'root' and password:'alpine'
    (note the 1st login will take about a minute to validate)

    Leave PuTTY running as long as your surfing session lasts!

    You should be surfing the net (Could take up to 30 seconds to start working after enabling the value).

    (Also where its EDGE, you may have firefox tripping out on you and have to hit try again on a failed to load page, often)

    Peace out
    T. Payne
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    Useful post indeed

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    Has anyone successfully tethered with Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Vista, if so HOW?

    I have successfully created an ad-hoc, successfully connected to it, but IE7 will not connect to the internet. I have tinyproxy installed on iphone.

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    g8 guide, i couldnt understand the last bit where it asks you about Putty, but know uve explained it, it now works very well.. The speeds arent as good as i'd hoped and you often have to refresh the page.

    over all very good.

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    sweet happy to kno its possable and this is where 3g would be a nice upgrade

    u got a thanks for that one. im sure no one thanked this guy by pressin his button..sad
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    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!

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    Scream, you were right... your the only one

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