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Thread: Customer tracking?

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    Default Customer tracking?
    Hey, Im not entirely sure if this is the correct place to post this, if it is not then you have to forgive me.

    Anyway, Im in the process of having someone buying an iPhone for me in the states and have it sent over. However, when he went to buy it the first time they were sold out of 16gb versions, so he returned the next week. Then he was informed of the fact that they had started a new policy which will track the iphones so that it does not go overseas.

    You have to give them your information so that the can see if it is activated in your name or not.

    Does anyone know about this? How can they "tell" whether the phone goes abroad or not? What happens if the phone is not registered with the buyer? What happens if the phone is not registered at all?

    Thanks for your reply.

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    i wouldnt worry. legally you can do whatever you want with your iphone.
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    Once your iPhone is out of the States then its yours.

    The only thing they can do is refuse to sell another one to whoever puts their information down, or it might be the network provider that refuses to give them a contract. If they don't want to buy one themselves in future then its fine.

    Or just buy one of ebay or something like that and let the seller worry about such things.

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    Well, I transferred the money just before this new policy hit, so thats the sucky part.

    So does this basically mean that you have to be a US citizen to buy an iPhone now? Im going down there myself in June, but that wouldn't help me anything now would it, as I assume they need your address and cross references that to the list of citizens and where they reside?

    Assuming this is correct then the only thing I can do is to take my money back or get them to do it for me. But what does apple actually do with phones that doesn't get activated? They surely wouldn't stop the customer from buying future products? (Although that would not really surprise me as Apple is by far the most customer hostile company I have seen) But if the guy I have asked to buy it for me were to be called up by Apple wondering where the iPhone went, what would they take as a reasonable excuse? I mean, if they said they chose not to have it after all and sold it to a friend, then they surely wouldn't do more about it? After all, it could just as well have happened for real.
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