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Thread: I need help!! Please!!! somebody!!!!

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    Default I need help!! Please!!! somebody!!!!
    I got an Iphone 16G a couple of days ago. I unlocked it with ziphone 2.5
    After unlocked it, I got my T-mobile Sim working great. Today I tried to sync some files thru Itunes and right after I plug the iphone on my PC, it turns off by himself. When I turn it on again it says: your computer has recovered from a serious failure. I'm pretty new to computer stuff so please forgive me if I sound dumb!! I really would appreciate any help.
    I'm runing the lastes Itunes and Win XP.
    Thanks a lot.

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    Did it only do this once, or does it do this every time you plug the iphone in? I don't think you made a mistake using ziphone, its pretty straight forward. Could just be a driver issue on your computer from when it installed drivers to run your iphone or a software issue when installing iTunes.
    If the problem is not continuing I wouldn't worry about it to much, but if it continues I would reinstall iTunes and reinstall iphone drivers on the computer.

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    its not your phone. its your pc. def sounds like a driver problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by questioncom View Post
    its not your phone. its your pc. def sounds like a driver problem
    i agree hes right.
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    I know the solution. My phone does just this. Have you taken any photographs with the iphone? If you have delete them from the camera roll and connect it to your computer. This should solve the problem.

    And the other posters are correct it's a driver problem as I took my iphone back and got a new one. I haven't figured out the issue yet but it only happens with my laptop and only when I've used the phone as a camera. It's something to do with windows not liking the phone as a camera.
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    i know every time i unlock a phone for someone, windows installs the drivers first. did you let the pc install them?

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