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Thread: Broken WiFi & BT Issues

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    Default Broken WiFi & BT Issues
    Hello all. My issue is this. I got this iphone (week 28) unlocked and jailbroken to 1.0.2 back in January, but the guy messed up the bluetooth and wifi in the process. He did get it working for tmobile and I delt with it until recently when I heard of advances in jailbreaking/unlocking techniques. I successfully got it updated to 1.1.4 unlocked and jailbroken. No wifi/bt. I tried restoring it to 1.0.2 and doing the trick with both ziphone and iliberty. Neither worked. I tried going back to 1.1.4 and doing the same with no luck. I am starting to believe that the phone has bricked wifi and bluetooth that cannot be repaired.
    Has anyone out there experienced any similar occurrences? Any other remedies out there that have successfully been applied? Anything that anyone thinks I might be overlooking or misinterpreting? Please, any advise would be gladly appreciated! Thanks,

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    ZiPhone is what did it to you in the first place.

    read this:

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    Default still greyed out wifi and no bluethooth
    I still cant figure it out. Can anyone explain to me exactly how to package swifi into pwnage tool or iLiberty+? I'm using a PowerBook G4 with the latest Tiger software. Ok, I figured that you have to create a file and rename it with the .bundle extension for pwnage tool, but I'm just not sure about how to package it?
    Then once you upload it to the new ipsw package and install that thru iTunes; I understand you must initiate the swifi process on your iphone manually with the terminal app. I know how to log in to the root using "alpine" but im not too sure about the command line used to initiate the swifi process.
    With iLiberty+ everywhere I read it says to just simply download the and add it to "custom payload" except every time I try adding either the zip or unzipped file it won't accept it. I dont understand what format it will accept either. I have tried following many different guides with no succes. I am really hoping that swifi tool will allow me to regain my battery life, bluetooth and wifi functionality otherwise I gotta craigslist this piece. I really appreciate any help. I have been quite frustrated throughout this process. And although I am very knowledgeable in DAW and digital recording and such, I know next to nothing about this kind of stuff. Again I really appreciate everyone for all they do, and the knowledge these forums can facilitate.
    Best regards.

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