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Thread: How do I know which method has been used to unlock?

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    Default How do I know which method has been used to unlock?
    I am in the UK and bought an iPhone from USA over ebay.
    I was advised not to upgrade the phone as it would probably lock it. Now I read there are re-virginisers and unlockers for 1.1.1 so I am tempted to try it.

    The instructions for re-virginising state that it will not work with a phone unlocked by ISPF, but I don't know how my phone was unlocked - and neither does my ebay seller.

    Is there any way I can find out from my phone which method was used to unlock it?

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    I'm in the same boat. The guy from whom I bought the iPhone isn't responding to my emails, so have no idea which method was used. Hopefully someone will be able to point it out to us.
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    I'm hoping there will be a file or something left on the phone that I can look for which will determine the method used to unlock?

    Hopefully someone can help me out and I can try virginising / updating at the weekend.

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    Default Which method was used to Unlock my iPhone?
    I've been doing alot of research regarding this as I don't want to screw-up my already unlocked 1.0.2 iPhone. It was unlocked when I bought it so I've no clue which method was used . . . I read somewhere that if IPSF method was used to unlock the phone then everytime you change the sim card it will ask for re-activation of the phone, but if anysim etc was used then when you switch sims there is no need for re-activating it.
    I'd be great full if one the gurus here at the forum could confirm this.
    I also noticed that the IMEI # on the back of my iPhone matches the one in the settinggs> General > About tab (I read that anysim puts in some fake Imei) so Perhaps some other method was used in my case like the hardware method.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanx in advance . .. Sean

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    Finally! Ok here it is ! ssh onto ure phone using putty and run "minicom -s". Enter "A" as ure selection and change the serial port from "/dev/modem" to "/dev/tty.baseband". Save the file.(you may have to create a /usr/local/etc" directory). Type CTRL+A Q to quit minicom. Then unload the using launchctl. Again type minicom and when it starts type AT+XSIMSTATE=1. See the line XLOCK. If the first digit after "PN" is 5, its unlocked by IPSF and if its 4 its anySIM. Exit minicom by pressing CTRL+A Q and load back the CommCenter using launchctl. (Note: Remove any PIN on the SIM before doin this or else the XLOCK line will be blank in minicom)

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    Thanx ! Abhi & Henry, It seems my phone was unlocked using the iUnlock method.
    Cheers Guys

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    I use WinSCP, I have no idea what minicom is :s can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you

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