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Thread: Instability after upgrading to 1.1.1

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    Default Instability after upgrading to 1.1.1
    Ever since i upgraded my unlocked iPhone to firmware 1.1.1, i have been experiencing some serious stability issue. For example, if i try to look at a person in my address book, it would kick me out to the home screen. This would repeat for a few more times until the phone hangs for a few seconds (presumably resetting itself) and then sending me to the unlock screen. This problem is not restricted to the address book app. It has happened in Safari, iPod, SMS and notes.

    I have never had this problem when i was on 1.0.2. The few occasions when the iPhone reset itself, it was because i was running third party apps like Summerboard, Customize and Installer, which performed automatic reset after changes were made.

    Anyone else experiencing this problem? Do you think a restore is going to fix this?

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    I have been having the same problems. BUT I upgraded to 1.1.1 with no issues! I did not get them until I jailbroke and added apps to my phone. But as you said I also have problems with the APPLE apps not just the 3rd party ones.
    I did a restore and started all over again. the only thing I can think of is it is one of the 3rd party or somethign with iJailbreak that is causing the crash. anyone else?

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    nope have seen stuff like this on a BONE stock iphone... you need to restore

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    I am getting crashes also. My phone was fresh out of box 1.1.1. I used ipod touch to jaibreak. It has done this several times and I have also noticed the signal bars will freeze and not give an acurate reading. I turn it off and on again and its good for a while. I know its a 3rd party app because I dodn't install any after jailbreak for a week and it ran fine. I am leaning towards customize because that was the last one along with themes I installed before noticing the hrashing. Hopfully someone will find out what it is and fix it.

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    I will chime in and say Im having the same problems as well.

    Im fairly confident that its the 3rd party apps, I dont think its necessarily the jailbreak, I think its maybe SummerBoard/Customize thats causing the issue.

    I get the same stuff, it just randomly crashes and goes back to the home screen, and something back to the slide to unlock screen. Happens alot when I just click on settings to maybe adjust something. After it crashes a few times and get me to the slide to unlock, then it normally works fine after that.

    Ive restored the phone again and still same problem. Might try restoring it again and this time dont install the Summerboard or Customize app and see if that fixes it. If you are arnt running either of those and still having the problem, then I guess I will have to dig deeper on the root cause.


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    Yes, SummerBoard is the cause of crashes in 1.1.1. If you have "Dim wallpaper" enabled, turn it off, or turn off wallpaper all together. It will be a little more stable, but will still crash now and then.

    If you get annoyed of the crashes, just uninstall Summerboard. SummerBoard is not yet fully compatible with 1.1.1.

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    Thanks, thats good to know, that will help some of the issues thats been pissing me off on 1.1.1, making me want to downgrade to 1.02 since I dont use the wifi iTunes and no real advantages from what I can see.


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