My iPhone is one of the early ones, it was also cracked and has always worked perfectly, it still does. I had no music on iTunes, so I synced it with the iPhone, iTunes warns me that it will erase all the music on my iPhone, which I wanted to do anyway. After syncing, I checked my iPhone and there was no music there as expected. I then launch and connect to Cyberduck and go to "/private/var/root" clicked media-itunes_control_2, then music, and low and behold! all my supposibly deleted music was still there.
Can anyone explain why its not erased and still taking up much needed space? Also, I used the "send song" app. to apply a song from the ipod on the phone as a ringtone and it was still present in the ringtone, and even plays. it should be noted that when I went to the harddrive in cyber duck, it show that there were no music there, not even the ringtone, HELP!
Can I delete it from "/private/var/root" safely?