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Thread: How to force iTunes to restore specific backup?

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    Default How to force iTunes to restore specific backup?
    So had some problems with my iPhone and synced it before I restored it so it has the latest backup created by iTunes. Generally when you restore a phone and bring it back up in iTunes it asks you if you want to create a new phone or restore from a backup.

    Well this time it didnt ask, it just created one on its own, I see the backup is still there when I go to Preferences in iTunes but I cant figure out a way to make iTunes ask me to restore from it.

    Id rather not remove that backup and just manually sync the crap again cause then I will lose my notes/call history and all that crap.

    Is there a way to make iTunes think this is a new phone and let it ask me that question as it normally has done for me before? There must be a file or something on the machine that tells iTunes a new unique ID or something.


    So I will answer my own post somewhat.

    The answer is definetely not on the computer. What happens when you restore the phone, I think the iPhone is in a virgin state in that it has never connected to iTunes, whenever it connects the first time it usually asks you to setup a new phone or restore from backup (if you have one). If you choose new phone, it writes something back to the phone. From that point you cant use that backup. I tried a bunch of things trying to find the plist on the iPhone that holds that info, even deleted a bunch and reconnected to itunes in hopes it would think its never been connected, but no go.

    So I restored the phone again and connected it to iTunes and BAAM, it asks me to the question with two options, setup new phone or restore from backup, chose the backup and was back in business.

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    thanks. helped me.

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    Delete iTunes_Control Folder.

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    all you gotta do is go to settings and choose to erase iphone contacts, then connect to itunes and it will ask you to choose what backup to restore to....NOT FULL IPHONE RESTORE.

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    Just delete /var/root/Media/iTunes_Control and restart.

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    I confirm the deleting the itunes folder, I just tried it (im on the 1.1.2 firmware) and it works. It deletes all your stuff, but if you are trying to do a restore, thats pretty much what you want anyway.

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    Just to help you guys that could not find the specific iTunes_Control folder, probably you're running a later firmware that's why it's not located at /var/root/Media/iTunes_Control...

    Your new iTunes_Control location is actually at /var/mobile/media/iTunes_control... Delete it and restart (I think you don't need to because I tried it)... you should be able to backup a specific plist you desire especially if you have 2 iphones like me that want both phones to be updated to the same stuffs including sms details, calls, etc etc etc etc...!

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    Thanx for the help ! i thgt i hav to restore completly again !!!

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    I want to ask what does the backup include? I assume that the backup does not include the apps already installed on the iphone, it just saves the contacts, pics, and music. Is this true? If not, please tell me if there is a way to be able to take a backup that includes the software in order to avoid re-installing everything each time we do a restore to the iphone.


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    hi all - can someone tell me how to do the equivalent of delete the iTunes_Control file under iTunes 9 and Snow Leopard? Apparently the file has moved

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    Default for hype7
    I used "iphone explorer" a freeware app that's about as good as it gets for OSX file browsing.

    Open it, make sure you've changed to root (at the bottom) go to /var/mobile/Media/

    and that's where the folder is living (at least in the 3.1 firmware)

    highlight, delete, reboot, restore from any backup you have saved.


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    Default Iphone restore and backup help!
    can someone please help me. i downloaded the new software for the iphone (4.0> for the 3GS iphone. i right clicked on the iphone and clicked "backup" did what i was told by people at the apple store. i then clicked "restore" hoping it would go back to the old software 3.? (not sure what it was) i wanted to go back because V4.0 was running slow and i just wasnt a fan. well it wound up deleteing all my contacts setting texts etc. HOW do i get the stuff that i backuped? everyone's showing this restore from backup button but its not there. is there a way to manually do this? any help is appirciated! thanks in advance!

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    Can anyone tell me how to do this on iTunes 10.5 on 4.3.3

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    Omg...really? old...relevant?...

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    Not possible. No iTunes, No way.

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    You can also view backups in prefs, under the devices tab, but unless you manually saved a backup or two, you will likely only see one backup, since iTunes overwrites the old backup, instead of creating a new one. If your contacts are still on your computer, you can get those back. You can also re-download your apps.
    Ive also read on here about software that you can install on your computer, that will enable you to "open" an iTunes backup and extract certain data, but I am not familiar with nor have I used it.
    I realize that it's a little late for this advice, but before I do a restore of any kind, I always backup first and then browse to the folder that iTunes uses to store backups, and drag a copy of that backup to the desktop. That way, no matter what I or iTunes does, I have a "safe" copy of the most recent backup.

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    You have to set up your phone as new by going to Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content and Settings. Then go through the setup assistant on your phone again. You will be given the option to set up the phone as new or restore from an iCloud or iTunes backup, choose Restore from iCloud Backup. Be sure to plug your phone into a charger and have a wi-fi connection available, restoring from iCloud can take hours to complete.

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    I am going though an iPhone nightmare on my 4S. I have iOS 7.0.3. My wifi on setting under General settings is grayed out and will not turn on. This is a well known problem. I have tried everything I have read on Mac support forums and elsewhere. So far I have not been able to get the Wifi "feature" to allow me to turn it on. BUT - in doing all this - Restores etc. I made sure I had a current backup. When I went through the restore process it made another backup which did not have any of my data on my iPhone. I thought no problem, I can just re-sync because all my info would be synced from my iTunes' music, Mac calendar & contacts. I don't store anything on the iPhone that is not in these EXCEPT photos. I forgot about these. I had not imported to iPhoto for awhile and had some very important pics on the phone. I assumed they would be in the backup so no prob, however, it will only let me restore from the LAST backup, which does NOT have my photos. I looked in the Library folders and found multiple days backups, back one month. I see the one I want which is the one before I did the restore and wiped my phone. I cannot find a way to restore from this specific backup. None of the above works for my phone with iOS 7. Any advice on how to get this specific backup?

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    The premise of this method is your iPhone can run normally. In general, photos in the camera roll are saved inside of iTunes iPhone Backups. So long as restoring backup, you can get images back. Right click the iPhone under "Devices" in iTunes. Click "Restore from Backup…" You will see device backup list in the box with data stamp on the right side. Choose what you want to restore appropriately. Or you can use FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DominicaJackson View Post
    The premise of this method is your iPhone can run normally. In general, photos in the camera roll are saved inside of iTunes iPhone Backups. So long as restoring backup, you can get images back. Right click the iPhone under "Devices" in iTunes. Click "Restore from Backup…" You will see device backup list in the box with data stamp on the right side. Choose what you want to restore appropriately. Or you can use FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery.

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