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Thread: weird screen lock glitch

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    Default weird screen lock glitch
    does this scenario ever happen to anyone?

    1. doesn't matter the screen locks by itself or lock manually
    2. the screen suddenly turns on by itself for 2-3 times, as if a new sms or call is received, but it just show the lock screen with dates and sliders and everything
    3. after the few of the number 2 scenario happens, i can't press the home button to wake it, also the vibrate switch when turned on, the phone doesn't vibrate, it still able to receive calls and everything, except i can't wake the iphone with home or sleep/wake button
    4. the only way to wake it is to press the sleep/wake button twice, that's right TWICE on SLEEP/WAKE button

    tried everything, restore, uninstall certain apps, reset device, turn off EDGE, set different settings to Home button, auto-lock, screen brightness

    I can use Insomnia app to keep it awake all the time, but it drains the battery too fast, does anyone have other apps that behave like Insomnia but consume lesser power?

    it seems like my iPhone have discovered deep sleep, in the sense that after it is locked, if it is idle for about 10-30 seconds, it will go into deep sleep, and the only way to wake it is to press the sleep/wake button twice

    one final thing, i think that this glitch started when i sleep my iPhone, i flick the vibrate switch, and there is no screen confirmation that it goes to vibrate mode, it just vibrate with black screen

    anyone have this glitch or am I the only one in the world to have this glitch

    so please if anyone have any idea about this, please do share your thoughts, thanks

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    happens to me 2, i think the simple answer is
    iphone rev a...

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    hmm? what you mean by iPhone rev a?
    restore? install app?

    did you get over this glitch then?

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    hahaha i just answered another thread you did, not knowing that i was the one that gave you the rev a answer hahahahha

    yeah but the first edition of hardware is called rev a and because its not "bulletproof" yet there is bound to be problems.

    im not an expert but you could try to restore and then choose new iphone instead of an backup. but then you would have to reenter everything
    (phone numbers,settings,everything)

    that might fix some of the problems

    good luck hope you fix it

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    I used to have the same kind of problem as you; the iPhone would go to deep sleep once locked and not wake up unless I pressed the power button for a few seconds.

    Anyway, after trying enabling/disabling a bunch of things I finally found a solution this morning which, so far, seems to be working.

    First, please note that I am running firmware 1.1.4.

    Here's what I did :
    Using iPhoneBrowser or other software, browse to /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/PowerManagement.bundle. Either delete the file "" or rename it and hard reset the phone by holding Power + Home until the Apple logo appears.

    This might solve your problem. I am however not sure of what impact it might have on battery life.

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    I had precisely this problem and solved it by this method. But whether it is having an adverse effect on battery life it is too early to say. I have had a few odd incidents where the phone when fully charged reported the battery was flat, and another when the phone went almost completely flat after four hours connected by Bluetooth to a headset that I never made any calls on. But the phone is a lot more usable than it was with that deep-sleep glitch.

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    same problem..........whenever my phone goes to lock mode....less than 30 secs later by pressing the home button the phone wont wake it up anymore. I would have to press the power button just itself or power button and than the home button to wake it back up. I've reset and restore the phone so many times and it still acts the same. Anyone has any solution...without replacing the phone.

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    I have the same issue. Wont wake up unless I press sleep/awake twice. My first phone didnt do this but I had to get it replaced at the apple store and the one they gave me started doing this so when I have time im going back in to do this again and get another one.

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    i got the same problem but it happens sometimes. it doesnt do it all the time. can someone tell me if there is another solution than deleting the file"??????? ??????


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