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Thread: iPhone Ring as SMS

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    Default iPhone Ring as SMS
    Yes this is my first post and I thank you for the time.

    I have done a search and can get most of what I want but can't figure something out.

    I am trying to take the "alarm" ring from the iPhone and set that as my text message alert tone.

    I know where the alarm file is and have it saved. Changed the extension to a .m4r and itunes recognizes it as a ringtone, but won't let me do anything with it.

    I have tried just using that file in place of one of the sms-received sounds in the iPhone, but it doesn't work.

    Any suggestions?

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    the only way ive seen sms edited were with .caf files and you would have to manually replace an existing sound file

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    Yes.... pokekid gots it right. SSH and replace it with a new SMS System sound.

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    I guess I was not clear enough.

    I am familiar with changing the existing SMS sounds by replacing the current .CAF file. I am hoping to simply move the Alarm ringtone (which is a .CAF) to the SMS sound. However, just moving it won't actually work, or it hasn't for me.

    I will play with it some more but I was just looking for some suggestions.

    Thanks again.

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    It hasn't? It should... you have to rename the Alarm ringtone to the same name as the sound you want to replace.

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    I've done just that...

    Took the Alarm ringtone and changed it to "sms-received6.caf" and put it in the appropriate folder and overwrote the current sound (saved a backup first of course).

    With that done the SMS does not sound with selecting the 6th sound which is the "electronic" sound.

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    are the permissions the same as the other text sounds?
    i've done this many times and had no problem
    Good Luck, u might need to restart the phone i had to reboot sometimes/sometimes not

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    The permissions are the same as the other SMS sounds and still no luck.

    I didn't have them changed before, but I got them changed, shut the phone off completely and tried it again and still no sound.

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    if this doesn't work i can't think of anything else,
    not sure if u can simply change a ring tone to caf format, i would suggest opening the alarm sound in quicktime and export it as aif then change the format extension to .caf,then load it back into the phone
    thats all im thinking could be wrong
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    That was my thoughts as well, but unfortunately I don't have Quicktime Pro and really can't get it over here.

    Thanks for the help....

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