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Thread: Have you removed the screen protector?

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    Default Have you removed the screen protector?
    I've had my iPhone for almost a week and still have the protector on, but it's starting to peel off near the Home button. I think of it as a "screensaver" but how long for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by truenorth View Post
    I've had my iPhone for almost a week and still have the protector on, but it's starting to peel off near the Home button. I think of it as a "screensaver" but how long for?

    Unlike iPods (excluding iTouch) the iPhone screen is glass. It's a little harder to scratch than plexi-glass. I went in for the screen protectors, but all I got was an ugly screen with bubbles where I couldn't get the air out. I like my nice shiny glass finish.

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    You, my friend, need to get to the Apple store quickly and get a set of the Crystal Film set from Power Support (I think). I have had this on my screen since June 29 and still doesn't show a single scratch. Warning, it is rigid so ANY dust on the screen leads to bubbles. I have seen some applications that look horrible. This is a protector for the extremely meticulous and paitent (read: anal retentive/obsessive compulsive) **Tip: go into your bathroom and crank the shower on high for 10 min. The humidity drags all dust from the air. Remove the factory screen when you and the environment are ready. Only peel bottom 1/4 back off Crystal cover so you can position and re-position as needed w/o getting finger prints on top of protector. Align along bottom edge and over Home button. If doen correctly, the protector lays down on the glass screen and quite literally becomes invisible. I have used screen protectors on PDAs, Smart Phones, Camera backs, etc. for years and never had a more satisfying experience. Good luck, and tell all your friends to do the same when they get their iPhones. :-D
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    Sounds good, except that I have unsteady hands. It must be tricky to flush in the Home button? Anyway how much are they? I'm in Australia so no Apple stores here. What stores sell Apple products may not have any accessories for the iPhone which will not arrive until 2008. The iPod Touch, meanwhile, is so new, again accessories for it are hard to come by. I may have to get it on eBay or have a friend in the US get it for me.

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    Iam one of those people who dislike when people still have the factory cover on anything. Peel it off! and buy a real protector! bodyguardz is a great one,

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    If you do decide to leave the protector on then make sure you make a slit or something over the earphone hole, I left mine on for a while and started telling everybody that the iPhone has the worst speaker ever. But I'm happy I did take it off, the screen is pretty much the strongest screen I've ever seen on any phone, I don't think I could scratch it if I tried (and I won't!), not to mention it really feels better when you slide your finger across it...mmmmm.
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    i took that **** off as soon as i took it out the box

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    So how do you clean the screen once you remove the protector? What does Apple recommend?

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    I dont think you need it at all-Check out the video the screens are realy tough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.iPhone View Post
    I dont think you need it at all-Check out the video the screens are realy tough.
    and what about this?

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    Judging from that last video, I'll look into getting a protector now! The bevel grabbed his sideburns?!

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    i hate my BSE but i can bear with the stickyness. or maybe try something else than to removed and no protection at all

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    I see it everywhere, but what's BSE?

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    its bestskinever its a nice screen protector with back body protector tooo something handy useful and cheaper visit

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    Default Still using the original
    I took an x-acto knife and cut off the tab from the bottom right along the lower edge of the glass. Then I used a thumbtack to punch 5 small holes over the ear speaker. Works like a charm. The only issue is that the button still has covering so sometimes I need to push it twice.

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    get bodyguards I had a generic screennprotector before and it was sticky but this is smooth and slides unlike my other one.

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    it's only a phone.. no protection needed
    i am not planning to use it for more than a year and not planning to resell it or pass it to my grand child

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    I'm on my 2nd invisible shield, requesting for a 3rd shield. That lifetime warranty is good.

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    Looked up bodyguardz. It's not cheap! The manufaturer's web site sells a pack of 2 for $24.95 plus shipping, which is $13+ to Australia. Does anyone know where it might be cheaper?

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    Hehe, I still have the one that came with the phone on. Im u sing a black silicon case, so you cant even see it :P

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