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Thread: Have you removed the screen protector?

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    I replaced it with a different screen protector. I don't like that flap at the bottom and I also am kinda OCD, so I refuse to cut that flap off.

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    Eh getting a few from decalgirl. They look pretty sexy and fairly cheap too.

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    I only read the first page so I'm not sure if anyone suggested this (or if we're even on topic) but...

    tip; use your credit/library/school/etc. card to put your protectors on. I doesn't leave any bubbles behind.

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    I removed it immediately, didn't even get a case. Regretting it now, I dropped it not but 4 months later at my work. Sad sad day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbrown0690 View Post
    You, my friend, need to get to the Apple store quickly and get a set of the Crystal Film set from Power Support (I think). I have had this on my screen since June 29 and still doesn't show a single scratch. Warning, it is rigid so ANY dust on the screen leads to bubbles. I have seen some applications that look horrible. This is a protector for the extremely meticulous and paitent (read: anal retentive/obsessive compulsive) **Tip: go into your bathroom and crank the shower on high for 10 min. The humidity drags all dust from the air. Remove the factory screen when you and the environment are ready. Only peel bottom 1/4 back off Crystal cover so you can position and re-position as needed w/o getting finger prints on top of protector. Align along bottom edge and over Home button. If doen correctly, the protector lays down on the glass screen and quite literally becomes invisible. I have used screen protectors on PDAs, Smart Phones, Camera backs, etc. for years and never had a more satisfying experience. Good luck, and tell all your friends to do the same when they get their iPhones. :-D
    Ya...I'm all set with that. I took it off on day one. I had the Jam Jacket case for a while, and now I have the Belkin clear case and love it. No screen protector on either and guess what? No scratches. I've always been one to drop my phones and stuff, but even I can keep this one in good condition. I'm just really careful with it. Just take care of it, and you and your phone will be fine.
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    the crystal clears from the apple store ROCK!! they are held on by static and you cant even tell it there! (they are made by Power Support) they are $15 bucks for 2, if they get dirty you can was em.

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    ive been using the crystal film set since i got my phone. best screen protector IMO

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    Anyone here ever try the cases from I just got mine it seems pretty cool but still don't know how it will work im wondering if I should get a screen protector in addition to the case as well lol

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