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Thread: problem with ringer/headphone ringer connected

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    Default problem with ringer/headphone ringer connected
    I am having trouble with my ringer volume being connected to my headphone ringer volume. For instance, if I have the headphones in and I turn the ringer down, the level of the ringer when I take the headphones out is at the same low level. I believe this has not always been the case. I think that they used to be separate and I could have the headphones ringer low and the regular ringer on high and the phone would of course know which one to use depending on whether or not I had the headphones in.

    This is very annoying because when my headphones are in, I have to turn the ringer down low in order to not blow my eardrums out when someone calls. But when I remove the headphones, I usually forget to turn up the ringer and then I end up missing calls because I don't hear them.

    This isn't a problem with the headphone switch being stuck like some others have experienced. The phone can definitely tell when the headphones are in or not. The two volumes just somehow got synced and they are no longer separably controllable.

    Is there any way to reset these settings without having to do a restore? I hate having to reset all my custom settings and reinstall all my apps/themes.

    Thanks for your help.

    -8GB 1.1.3 jailbroken

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    Default always in ringer (headphones) mode
    I have the same usual problem, iphone is always in headphone mode, tried the solutions suggested like

    plugin & out several times, hard reset etc. none worked.

    showed the phone to a iphone mechanic, he also tried, changed the headphone socket etc. he told me

    than that the problem could be with the IC chip on motherboard and he can not touch it as it's beyond him.

    The and din't want to risk the phone on him. iphone tech said there cud be something wrong with

    IC/mainboard etc. Thier repair of iphone are superficial, opening, cleaning, changing parts etc.

    I hard reset. restored, ERASE DATA & SETTINGS from setting options which took an hour, jaiilbroked it

    again (quickpwn) then restored it from my prev backup, but the problem remains same. still "ringer

    (headphones)" mode.

    Yesterday the keypad unlock sound came which inspired me to do all of the above. today too, i could hear

    the key pressing tones, unlock sound for few seconds at times, but gone again. this normally happens in

    the devices when there is a loose connection. Now since i've restored the phone right from the scratch,

    there's not much i can do softwarewise.

    Right now i'm using my earphones/bluetooth to talk. I'm stuck very bad, can't use, can't sell a 4 gb ipod

    (previously iphone)

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    I have this problem too. What could i do? i bought my device from vodafone Greece. Told them the problem, they have the device a week now and i called them to learn what's happening. They told they made an update and i will have it in the week. Their service is awful. The problem wasn't the update because i had tried it.
    Please i need a solution.

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    Solution is to cut the plug and push the metal plug into the phone until it snaps in place using a cue-tip. The earphone Jack will be useless but it's a permanent fix.

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