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Thread: verizon wireless situation (advice needed)

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    Default verizon wireless situation (advice needed)
    So i thought i could bring this up with you guys (and girls?) and maybe get some input. Recently, i became eligible to upgrade to a new Phone since it had been 20 months into my 2 year contract. So i got the motorola Q9m. Which definently has some cool features (keyboard), but i realized pretty quickly i hate windows, thus why i have a mac computer. Why i would have though i might like a windows operating system on a smartphone is beyond me.

    Anyway, i return the phone, get a refund, and now have my old phone back. The problem is, my getting the Q, i activated my account for another 2 years, which will cost me 175 dollars to cancel.

    Now my idea is this. My brother at the end of november will have the option to continue his service or cancel (without a fee), and he wants to continue. Do you think verizon will allow me to cancel mine and renew my brothers? If they will not, then we will tell them we will cancel my brothers. Either way, they are losing a customer. The incentive for them to do something like this is that we have been customers for over 10 years and that is definently something they would wanna keep i would think? I know for sure that if they won't let me cancel my contract and we are forced to cancel my brothers instead, that he will threaten to revoke all of our service.

    So what do you guys think. I feel really stupid for getting into this situation, so i don't need to hear that from you guys . How do you think they will respond though....

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    i had verizon 2 phone plans 50bucks on the side .got the dude to roll back my sevice agreement

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    saying u paid him? not a bad idea haha

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    I have both ATT and verizon. I have been a verizon customer since 1994 when they were known as NYtel and after that NYNEX. Even though I bought an iphone, I kept my verizon phone because I need a reliable network. I have 4 verizon phones on my account and a $300 a month bill. When I recently called them to cancel one of my phones early, they charged me the early term fee. I called and threatened to cancel my account and to never renew any contract. They didn't care. So I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor called me back in a few hours and took the early cancellation fee off. So, what I am saying is, talk to a customer rep, but don't take "no" for an answer. Ask to speak to a supervisor.

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