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Thread: google search page changed

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    Default google search page changed
    When i go into bookmarks and use the google search engine I am getting google with a .ca/m extension. The page that opens is different than it used to be which ended in .com. it seems like I am getting the mobile browser edition of google. When i type in google with a .com extension it still goes to the .ca/m site.
    How do I change this back to the way it was? What happened. I have a phone with 1.02 firmware and everything else works great including all the other search pages.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Are you in Canada? Or using a Canadian wifi/proxy?
    Maybe try
    Or you could probably go into Language Tools and choose English

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    I have the same problem but it doesnt show .ca

    so its the mobile browser and i dont like it too much
    MyPhone is better than yours

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    google never used to show up as mobile browser verison. It was the same as I have on my laptop. I am in Canada on rogers

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    there is an option on the page to view normally just click it and it will change your cookie to the normal page
    I can't wait until the day after yesterday's tomorrow.

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    Default google mobile
    in the google moble home page there is a setting for classic view but when I tap it nothing changes still mibile view. is there any settings that could have changed. when i type in google it always goes to mobile no matter what extension I type. I've deleted the cookies not that that would help but just a try. I am using wifi. Any suggestions would be great.

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    Im getting the same thing.

    Started last night.

    Cookies are enabled on my iPhone and it didnt have a problem previously.

    guess ill just use the google search box next to the URL in Safari.

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    how do we fix this?

    i dont like it at all and its actually less useful... seems like it doesnt let you view as many results at a time

    edit: and after needing to look up an image... cant. theres no link for images on the page anymore.
    Last edited by fred777; 2007-10-20 at 12:57 AM.

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    Same problem here, it looks very basic now. i want he old one back.

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    Default Alternate Google Classic
    Hey guys just use for now.

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    Hey yeah, that's awesome. That is ten times better than google mobile. Thanks!!

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