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Thread: Whats the deal with my crappy volume?

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    Default Whats the deal with my crappy volume?
    Ok, so when I first unlocked my iPhone (1.0.2), when I talked to someone on the phone, I could barely hear them. Then, all of a sudden, it was perfect, and the volume was great. Then, about two weeks ago, it went quiet again, two days later it was suddenly fine, now its been really quiet for two days again, and nothing I do seems to have any effect whatsoever.
    What I have tried:
    Playing a song withe the headphones plugged in, waiting a couple minutes, pulling them out, and trying again (in that order)
    Editing the .celestial.framework files
    nothing changed
    What can I do, I hate using the headphones to talk on the phone
    Thanks in advance.

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    Did you try the volume fix files on here? Its also possible you may have been delt a lemon...I would do a full restore/unlock...If still no good redo and return or get your hearing checked.
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    yes the volume n the Phonee is turned all the way up and I tried the fixes on here but it was fine before and after those it is just strange that it goes off and on with good volume. I'm gonna wait to restore it until the 1.1.1 unlock has been released (an easier method of doing so at least) or I find a way to fix it.. It is my absolute last resort to return it to the apple store

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought this is known bug and that 1.1.1 fixes it.

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    my friend unlocked his and a friend of his left his stock and both of ththe unlocked one is perfect volume and the locked one is half way like mine sometimes he tried to do the song listening headphonesglitch and fixed it mine did fix itself twice but it is annoying but the one that does the volume problem like mine is a 1.1.1 att so I think it is just the ones with our common serial number I read that somewhere the ones starting with 7r7 and the ones starting with 7s7 do this I jet want to know if anyone else with the problem has fixed it thanks for the help guys

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