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Thread: ringtones/alarms stopped working? but still have sound?

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    Default ringtones/alarms stopped working? but still have sound?
    I woke up today around noon, not to the sound of my typical marimba, but naturally, and noticed that it was noon! I go over to check my phone and it's vibrating away saying GET UP. I turn it off, notice that it's NOT on vibrate... and start to investigate

    my ipod works, sms and email sounds work. but when I go to select a ringtone and click on any one, it checkmarks but does not give me a preview. I kept pushing up the alarm one minute trying different htings but all it will do is vibrate! It just started happening this morning and I haven't done anything new except update the latest version of nikeltalkie and gregs summerboard themes...

    anyone have any clues?? I'm thinking I might have to do a restore and take it in to apple if all else fails..

    also, what are the good places to go and ask some experts about this? I know there are some good irc channels I've been told about but have really never used irc before. If no one can help me here could someone please point me in the right direction in that respect?
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    Thats scary, since I use my iphone as my alarm.

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    I do know that there is something that gets stuck in the jack for the headphones, I was getting calls but could only hear them on my headset. After some tinkering it started working again.

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    yeah I figured it out. I'd still like to know about those IRC rooms for desperate times like these though!

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