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Thread: After changing the Icon.png of a Webclip springboard wont boot.

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    Default After changing the Icon.png of a Webclip springboard wont boot.
    Hi there,

    I've just got my iPhone like 2 weeks ago and I was messing with the Webclips you can create because I wanted to change it's icon to fit in my theme, so i read somewhere that you could change the Icon.png for your custom Icon.png via SSH and that's what I did. Then i restarted sprinboard and it froze so I turned off the phone and now it won't boot, it stays in the Apple logo screen and a circle appears but it won't boot.

    I have firmware 1.1.4 and I can still SSH into the phone. Can I change something to make it boot normally or do i have to restore it? Also, it was unlocked using ZiPhone and i remember the baseband being something like 04_04_5 G or something like that. How can i restore or re-unlock it without bricking it?

    Many thanks!

    Dammit!.. after reading a little i found that the error was that the icon.png had to be written with a lowercase 'i' and i wrote it the first time with an I. And because i panic i erased the whole webclip folder. Does anybody knows were does the iphone save what webclips it has???

    In the worst of the cases.. how can i restore a 1.1.4 unlocked iphone without loosing the unlock.. i'm afraid of bricking it :/
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    It should create a new folder when you create another webclip.

    If needed Ziphone has a "refurbish" utility which I would use first (will virginize the phone), then you can restore using Itunes and jailbreak/unlock again using Ziphone.

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    thanks for the refurbished tip

    but.. i found out that i erased another webclip folder, the actual webclip is saved somewhere like /var/mobile/Library/WebClips i think and i just SSH into it and the folder was there, opened it and renamed 'Icon.png' to 'icon.png'. Reboot the iphone and it is all working with the custon icon i set

    many thanks for your help tho

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    just restore it with iTunes (Hold shift) click restore and choose 1.1.4 firm. to get it go into ZiPhone click help click the link for 1.1.4 and rehack with ziphone. oh and go into advance click on recovery mode and it should force the iPhone into recovery mode. hope that helped.

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