Alright, so I dont even know if this problem belongs here, but anyways.

I'm not really uber farmiliar with the technical language and all that, I'm pretty much a tourist when it comes to that stuff, so if you cmnt, can you keep it simple?
please & thanks.

Anyways, my problem:
I was downloading apptapp installer from some site, and my iphone was plugged in and everything- it's what the instructions on the site told me to do-and as it was finishing up the download, a seperate screen pops up, and starts processing stages: It said exactly:

* iPhoneComm v2.0
Using 009-7662-6.dmg as the Ramdisk Image.
Using kernelcache.release.s518900xrb as the Kernel Cache.
Architecture: win32

Stage 0: 0 .. Looking for iPhone
Stage 1: 1 .. Sending preliminary files
Stage 2: 2 .. Entering recovery mode
Stage 2: 3 .. Sending boot files
Stage 2: 4 .. Booting iphone in recovery mode

My phone goes into recovery mode and tells me to connect to itunes; I do. As i was connected to itunes, all the information regarding my phone wasnt there, everything was n/a and the only option i had was to restore.
I do so, and everything from my phone deletes.. everything. And on top of that, updates and locks.
Right now, when I turn my phone on, an ipod cord, and an itunes symbol with an arrow beneath it appears.

What do I do ?

Someone pleasee help !

email me, if you need to, [email protected]
or tell me which guide to look under .

thank you.