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Thread: Bought iPhone too late?

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    Default Bought iPhone too late?
    (Mods, sorry if this is in the wrong spot!)

    Hey everyone,

    I recently got the iPhone (finally!) and I love it 100%. I'm just worried if I bought it too late. With all these people saying that 3G is coming soon (Walt Mossberg, AT&T CEO, etc.) I'm worried that maybe that 2nd gen iPhone is really on the horizon (WWDC maybe?) and I was a little late on getting mine. I've also heard that maybe there will be video conferencing among the slew of new features.

    Not to mention that iPhone just released in other countries not too long ago, and now Steve's gonna release a new iPhone? (This wouldn't be too uncharacteristic considering his price drop not 3 months after release)

    Should I take this with a grain of salt or is it possible that a 2nd gen iPhone is close to release?

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    i dont think the 2nd gen iPhone is as close as ppl are saying ( but that doesnt mean u didnt make a bad call buying an iPhone now . If you think you could have waited a couple of months (i think at least 4) then you prob should have waited but there is always gona be something better right around the corner so u just gotta live with it. I wouldnt worry about it too much personally. Just enjoy your new toy!

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    Thanks for the reassurance. I love my iPhone and I'm glad I got it!

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    Chances are the 2nd iPhone will look identical to the 1st generation iPhone. Only thing is that it will have 3G technology. And honestly it won't even be worth it because North America is only starting to develop it slowly. The next generation of wireless data is already in the works. It doesn't make sense to purchase one of those 2nd generation.

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