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Thread: Iphone screen only blinks white/black error 1601 when restoring, am i screwed?

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    Default Iphone screen only blinks white/black error 1601 when restoring, am i screwed?

    I bought an iphone coming through Hongkong, now im back and holland and after 2 days it completely stopped functioning. I think it had firmware 1.0.2 on it, and was already unlocked. could also have been firmware 1.1.1

    anyways this is how it happened: I had it in flightmode, wanted to check utube in the airport terminal, it asked me to disable flightmode i said yes, then it froze (like with a pc). i tried turning it on and off, no success so then i decided to completely switch it off holding the button pressed for some time and using the red slide. then i turned it back on and it froze after the apple logo, on the menu screen. i turned it back off, then when i turned it back on it was just flashing a white screen every 2 seconds.

    its still doing this now if i turn it on. no apple logo or anything. itunes does recognize it in DFU mode, but if i try to restore, it gives me the "unable to restore iphone. unkown error 1601." Message. Apple website says this might be fixed by uninstalling all apple software which i did several times, no success. i also tried restoring it to all the different firmware versions, no success. Ziphone recognizes it as a phone in DFU mode, but no success trying to change it to standard mode. I also tried Ibrickr, but it doesnt recognize it. I tried unplugging all usb devices and other crap. Only think i havent tried is a different computer, which i guess i will try but i dont expect much. Meanwhile my brandnew iphone is still blinking/flashing, the white screen when i turn it on.

    Since iphone isnt for sale in holland i discovered there is no warranty here. I was under the inpression apple product had worldwide warranty. I am seriously pissed at apple about this. Anyways if anyone can give me anything useful i will appreciate it very much.

    OK i now also tried it on a different computer, my laptop which is running windows xp. Also error code 1601 when i try to restore my iphone.

    I have pretty much given up all hope since theres nothing else i can think off that would be able to do anything. if i cant restore it then i really cant do anything about it. I am going to write a letter to apple telling them how annoyed i am by the fact that the iphone doesnt come with worldwide warranty, i think its rediculous.

    in the meantime i hope someone comes up with a solution i havent heard off yet. is there any iphone genius out there?
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    use ziphone -d to put it in DFU mode and then do a restore

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    what do you mean with ziphone -d? i used ziphone put it in DFU and then tried a restore but had no success. error 1601 just wont go away, i also tried a different user account with a new install of itunes, i tried different computer, and different operating system.

    has anyone here encountered a flashing screen on startup that just seems to go on and off forever? without apple logo or anything? if so what did you do to fix it? help is appreciated.

    i am now letting it flash itself untill the battery is dead. who knows maybe it might help

    i get the battery empty picture!!!!! thats more than i had before at least a sign of life in there. im gonna try restoring it now, and if that doesnt work i try a full recharge and see if it makes a difference. hell im desperate to try anything at this point.

    new development:

    i tried running some ziphone programs like jailbreak, etc. without the gui. it seems to have done something because now i do get an apple logo when i go to restore. with the little circular thingy beneath it. however itunes seems to be "waiting for iphone" forever now and nothing else is happening.

    ok nevermind its back the flashing the white screen again
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    Default waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    i had it to,i mean my iphone keeps on blinking,error in restoring..ive done what you did and also useless..maybe its hopeless

    somebody help.. i just used it for 2 weeks..
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    looks like were both screwed. i do not think theres a solution for this at least nothing you can do urself. since i dont have warranty ill try to get some guys to fix it. i found an add where some people say they fix iphones for around 40 euros, they say they can fix anything so lets see what they can do. ill let you know if they where able to fix it. BTW i only used it for 2 days then it broke.

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    ok try this ......
    1.Put the phone into dfu restore mode by pressing and holding the home and the top lock button for 10 seconds or until the screen goes black,and as soon as the screen goes black release the lock button and keep holding home button until itunes says your in restore should now be in restore mode and itunes should detect that your phone is in dfu restore mode.
    2.Shift click the restore button in itunes and select the 1.1.4 firmware
    3.Let phone restore and then do what you please with it

    Any problems just pm me!!!

    And if I helped you hit the thanks button

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    Default huh
    oh men.. am stil tryin but i think its not working.. i have gone to all technicians here..i mean from i-center and to those who fix everything bout iphone but they all failed..please inform me if you find somethin..thanx..ur help is badly needed..

    this was really what happened.. when the batt was low,i plug it to the outlet using its charger and its charging,so i left it there for an hour or 1 & 1/2 hour somethin like that..then when i came back,screen keeps on flashing black & white,wat i did was just let it flash then after 2 hours,it works again..i mean apple logo appears then it worked so i used it..watching my photos then sad to say that after 10 mins of using,it flashes again till now..error 1601 pops if i try to restore it..i enjoyed using it for almost two weeks..

    men thanx but still its not workin..
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    Hello Everyone,

    I have exactly the same problem as Jyrec.

    Iphone not booting anymore, just blinking white/black...all the time.
    Restoring is not working (error 1601).

    Did you find any workaround?

    Thanks for your help.

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    The problem the three of you are having with the errors when trying to restore sound suspiciously like the problem I had. While you can read my full post in this forum (search for "iPhone restore problem "unknown error occurred (5)"), here's the abridged version of how I got mine working again:

    1. Try a different computer. Not sure how much this plays into it, but it's worth a shot.

    2. If running Vista, run iTunes as an administrator.

    3. REMOVE THE SIM CARD FROM THE PHONE. This seems, along with Vista in admin and PROPER DFU mode, to be integral to avoiding the various restore errors (5, 1601, 1604, etc.).

    4. Put phone into DFU mode (instructions are everywhere!). The important part here is that, when truly in DFU mode - not simple recovery mode - the screen will be BLACK, as though the phone appears off. Once iTunes starts doing its thing, the screen will go white. If you see the cord and logo, YOU ARE NOT IN DFU.

    5. Allow iTunes to restore, whether from the server or custom from a downloaded FW file.

    That's what ultimately worked for me, guys. Unfortunately, I don't have anything to offer regarding the flashing. I would suspect though that a full restore might correct that. As someone once told me: "If the power comes on, it can be fixed."

    Good luck!

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    thanks for your help kdtreynolds,

    1) i tried 3 differents computers : XP laptop, Vista desktop and MacOSX laptop with no success

    2) all were done in administrator logged...

    3) ok for this on, I will try without the SIM

    4) Itunes always detects the iphone in DFU mode and told me it is, so I believe it...(?)

    5) I have tried restoring custom and standard firmware
    but always the same 1601 error after few seconds...

    I wil try it again but my hopes are almost nowhere

    Anyway, thanks.


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    i still have the flashing white screen. None of the advice has worked for me so far but thanks for trying. I literaly tried everything. Once... i managed to restore it by some fluke of luck. However sad to say after running ziphone on it to unlock it worked for a while and then started the same flashing screen problem all over again after freezing. Has anyone found a solution? Im starting to believe there might be a hardware issue.

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    Just asking, maybe Ive overread this, have you tried to use Pwnage?

    And running ziphone from the cmd prompt isnt helping thou? ziphone -e followed by ziphone -D(case sensitive)?
    If I could help you with my answer give me a

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    I didnt know ziphone could be run in cmd prompt, ill try and see if i can figure out how to do that. Is the pwnage tool also for vista or xp? since i dont have a mac. If so i will also try this and let you know if it works. I have my doubts though since the iphone seems to be in DFU but for some reason doesnt really seem to communicate with the pc.

    I have a suspicion maybe the bootloader is damaged. Does anyone here have experience with damaged bootloader and what effects that would have? And if there is a repair for that? Hardware or software?

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    I have the exact same problem.

    restored the iPhone => sound wasn't working => restore again => worked, reboot after 10 minutes, it did that 4 times, then just blank screen blink followed by white screen blink by dead screen and this procedure after and after again.
    After a while it just stays in blank screen for 10 seconds then white screen for ~30 seconds then just turns off.

    Gets recognized by everything, can't change bootmode by using ZiPhone, gets stuck at Sending DFU.dat, or when I try to jailbreak gets stuck at "sending zibri.dat", so maybe there's a hint, because the error at restoring always happens when iTunes is preparing to restore, iPhone goes from white screen to blank screen and after a while it just pops out the error 1604 most of the time, sometimes 1601,tried both DFU or normal recovery, i re-installed iTunes several times and tried it on different USB hubs and user accounts (not on another pc though, but I think the problem lies elsewhere)

    I'm desperate, because 500€ is a helluva lot of money for a 16 year old.

    Help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Im convinced my iphone got broken because some guys did a bad sim unlock procedure. I got mine as a present and it was already unlocked and jailbroken. However the software version was 1.0.2 maybe it was a 1.1.1 phone and they did a bad donwgrade, or something else went wrong. Anyways i think the bootloader is the problem. Apparently some downgrades and onlocks applied to the wrong software version or because the process was disrupted, can damage the bootloader. I found a company that says they can fix my phone for 45-65 euros. I am going there on monday, if they can fix it i will let you know, and if not i will also let you know ;p. I have given up fixing it myself since i believe the problem is too complex to fix yourself. You might wanna google for : virginize iphone. And try the procedure, since your phone still gets recognized by everything. Or try ibrickr, if it gets recognized by that you still got some options for virginizing your phone. The procedure is very complex though (i cant do it since my iphone wont kick out of dfu and ibrickr doesnt see it) Good luck, and please post if you make progress.

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    My iPhone works again, still the white screen flash but instead of the iPhone turning off, it shows me the silver Apple again.

    All I did was:

    I tried to restore to 113, but the same error occured again.
    Next day in the morning, iPhone was restorable again. (114)

    so happy right now

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    Yes that happened to me once too, but then after i ran ziphone on it it went back to the same thing. So better watch out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by woutorian View Post
    Yes that happened to me once too, but then after i ran ziphone on it it went back to the same thing. So better watch out.
    too late.

    back to 1601 and white flashing again.

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    i will let you know how it goes at the repair shop this monday

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