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Thread: Iphone screen only blinks white/black error 1601 when restoring, am i screwed?

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    That'd be super duper awesome
    Looking forward to it, been spending alot of time trying to fix it.

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    Default waaaaaaaaaaaa
    still no solution huh!!!

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    Ok i went to the repair guy. He did an exellent job and my phone is good as new. It cost me a total of 140 Euros. He had to replace the logic board, and there was also a faulty cable that needed to be replaced. He told me that the OS is on the chip in the logic board and that it can get permanently damaged if you do a bad downgrade/upgrade of firmware or simunlock. He also said there are simply iphones who come brand new out of the box with a faulty logic board. It is possible to check the complete logic board and see what the problem is but it would take 2 days and no solution is guaranteed since it can be the OS which is damaged and this is unfixable. So there you go, the good news is that it can be fixed, the bad news is that it costs you a new logic board. GOOD LUCK!!

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    Hello Woutorian,

    I am very interested in your repair shop
    as everything I tried just failed...

    I am stuck with a useless/dead/ever white blinking iphone.

    Since you talk "euros" I imagine your shop is based somewhere in Europe.
    I am in France.

    Can email me the contact?

    Best regards


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    i live in holland, and the guy was in the Hague.
    I would advice you to search the web for "iphone reapair france" .... but then ofcourse in french! I cant imagine there are no smart french technicians who started repairing iphones since lots of stuff can break on an iphone ;p

    if you really cant find anything near you heres the contact info of my guy:

    Dynamic Tech. ([email protected])
    Van Beverningkstraat 112
    2582 VK
    Den Haag, The Netherlands

    good luck

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    Hello Woutorian,

    thanks for you help.
    I am in France and I did find a guy able to repair the iphone.
    He also did a MB replacement with a refurbished MB.
    So it was a little less expensive for me.

    Best regards.

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    i got this problem before and i used ibrickr v0.91 to use for the dfu mode ... hope it works 4 u..

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilinphilly View Post
    i got this problem before and i used ibrickr v0.91 to use for the dfu mode ... hope it works 4 u..
    none of that works when you have a faulty OS or damaged BOOTLOADER. Only thing that does work is replacing the logic board.


    Glad i was able to help at least someone! ;p

    Apple products have their flaws, mine also had faulty cables thats probably why it was more expensive. What did you end up paying? Just curious. Was the logic board replaced? you say motherboard, but this is not the correct term i believe. Or did you mean something else? Oh yeah just yesterday my recharge cable stopped working. You know the part you stick into a wall socket. The loose cables work fine when i plug them into my computers usb, but when i want to use my Iphone docking thingy and plug the cable into a wall socket, it doesnt recharge anymore. How retarded is that! Now i can only recharge through my pc, gotta buy a new thing to plug into the wall socket. Really annoyed with all these faulty apple products.

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    well, i had my share of 1601 today... i have a 16 gb 1st gen, running 1.1.4

    my phone was acting out so i reboot it with the sleep button+home button thingy and it fell in the spinning wheel of death endless circle.

    tried pluggin it to itunes and doing a restore, didnt work, gave me 1601.

    tried DFU mode and then restore, it got stuck in "preparing iphone for restore" and then again, error 1601

    so i went all nuts and decided to restore to 2.0, and it worked, now i no longer had a brick, but a fully unusable, yet functional iphone.

    i followed poseidon79's how-to and downgraded it to 1.1.4 with the correct baseband and there you go... back in business again, my iphone is back to normal

    so for the guys with the 1601 and bricked phones, this might be your key.

    P.D. that how-to i said before is in this forum, in the jailbreaking-unlocking section, it's a sticky one

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