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Thread: Many Things on iPhone broken, Help!!!

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    Default Many Things on iPhone broken, Help!!!
    I own a v1.1.4 iPhone, jailbroken via Ziphone, and now here's a list of everything that's practicly broken and how it's broken:

    Mail: Launches, pauses for a split second, and bounces back to home screen
    Notes:Whenever I write anything in the Notes app, the next time I launch it, it disappears
    Camera/Photos: Whenever I take a picture, it NEVER saves no matter what
    Safari: Unable to add bookmarks - if I add one it just meditatively disappears

    That's all that I've noticed so far, which is half of my iPhone, and obviously (especially with google searching) I need to fix permissions. Here's what I found hidden deep within my iPhone:

    CrashReporter Key: 3c3219b38bffc9986df7c42323a67ce5df9ff8d3
    Process: MobileMail [79]
    Path: /Applications/
    Version: N/A (N/A)
    Code Type: 0000000C (Native)
    Effective UID: 501
    Parent Process: SpringBoard [61]

    Date/Time: 2008-04-03 02:03:09.364 -0400
    OS Version: OS X 1.1.4 (4A102)
    Report Version: 101

    Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS
    Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x00000140
    Crashed Thread: 0

    I have terminal installed, is there a way I can fix permissions for all 4 of these apps through that? if so, I need to "login" which immeditely jumps me to the "Password" (w/o asking for login first?). I've tried all combinations of root/alpine/dottie that I could think of and can't seem to login through there. Once I get pass this, (Help?) what do I do from there?

    If I NEED to SSH in, what exactly do I do after SSHing in?

    Wish there was an app to repair permissions

    Edit: have Bossprefs v1.62 with the "Fix User Dir Permisions" and still doesnt work
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    full restore should fix it all
    8GB Apple iPhone

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    as much as I wish it would, I've done that twice with no change of outcome.

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    holy sh** never seen something like this b4...ok so heres an idea:
    first restore to 1.1.3.. ziphone it.
    now UPGRADE to 1.1.4 (nOT RESTORE)... ziphone it..
    u might be gud to go...i actually have no clue but its worth a shot eh?

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    to fix the mail app, install the sync fix from iclarified. you must add their repo into your installer. it is

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    restore just in case ur missing something

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    Quote Originally Posted by madrog View Post
    to fix the mail app, install the sync fix from iclarified. you must add their repo into your installer. it is
    I'll try this later today when I can sync and see where this gets me (then I guess I'll try restoring from 1.1.3 as posted above)

    Edit: Even w/o syncing, my mail is suddenly fixed (thank god), safari seems to be fixed, and my camera works a little differently - when I take a photo, it'll save in the album (mini-icon) as a black-bordered white box. I go to view it and it's a black picture. If I go to take anymore, they don't save. If I delete the blank/black photo and take more picture, the single box/blank photo comes back.

    Just notes & camera now!!!!

    And yes I have gone back & tried using BigBoss's permission fixer and it doesn't seem to work still >.<

    Syncing didn't fix either my Camera issue or my Notes issue
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