Hey Guys,

since two month I own a bricked iPhone with the "Repair needed" No Signal No WiFi No Sound etc. Problem. It ran in normal mode but was unable to repair the device. Connecting iTunes and uploading Firmwares ran normal, except for the CommBoard Part. So I decided to buy me a new CommBoard at www.ipaqrepair.co.uk. Yesterday the new CommBoard arrived so I soldered my tested and working battery on it and connected everything. Fine, I thought... But none!

1. The Screen stays black and the Phone does nothing if I connect it via USB BUT if I connect it with the original apple power supply it starts, showing the Apple, and powers down. The DFU-Mode is working and the Phone stays there, but if I disconnect the power Cable its powering down immediately.

2. Oh no! I thougt, opened my other, working iPHone and connected my commBoard with the other LogicBoard --> worked!
3. New CommBoard with my second LogicBoard --> Not working!
4. Replaced Battery --> Not working

5. And here it comes interesting: OLD CommBoard with corrupted Bootloader AND OLD LogicBoard (remember: This combination worked before without the Bootloader) --> Not working!!!

I tried and tried and tried these combinations several! Times... Any Ideas???

Thanks for reading!