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Thread: Am I being too picky?

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    Default Am I being too picky?
    Some might call it picky, others might call it OCD...I just call it I want a perfect display (since I'm paying for it and all.)

    I have been trying to buy an iPad Air now for about a month and have gone through about 5 or 6 of them so far, every single one I've bought has ended up having a speck of black dust under the glass...I'm becoming very frustrated with this. When I buy a new device I always inspect the screen before I do anything else because if the screen isn't up to par it goes back.

    My assumptions is most people do no inspect their screens and have no clue what is hiding behind the glass...or mybe they don't care...or maybe I'm being overly picky? I dunno but since the screen is what I'm going to be looking at every time I use my device, I want a perfect screen. It seems to be getting harder and harder to obtain this, there is always at least one thing that is there that shouldn't be (and usually it's just one speck.)

    Anyone else have this experience? Would be nice if these things could be sealed without dust getting sucked under the glass during assembly...
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    Default Am I being too picky?
    Dust or dead pixel?
    Had a new iPod touch 2g with a dead pixel stuck green.
    It was damn annoying!!

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    I've had 3 or 4 iPad airs or different colours and capacities and have yet to see dust / dead pixels in an apple screen. Have you checked your eyes? ;-p

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    My first iPad Air 2 had a spec of dust under the screen. Assuming it happened during production since it's laminated. I didn't even notice it for the first few weeks, but once I did, I couldn't stop looking at it. It bothered me enough to swap it out at Apple.
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