Running ipad 5 with ios 7.0.4 jb.

I cant get samba nor ssh to connect. I have same ios on my iphone 4 and can ssh ok to it from this ipad. Samba ( smbd/nmbd) work on iphone. Been trying to figure this out for 3 months so finally asking advice.

I do have ssh,tls and samba installed. Also bourne shell. I have samba core, samba inetd and mdns installed.

I have tried to connect to localhost or via ip and nogo. On ssh.

I have linux sql and www servers, so thats why need samba. Only 128gb mem on this ipad. 12tb on those.

Dont know if relevant, but after open ipad from lock screen, need to use cc to go into/out airplane mode to get device into wifi or cellular connection. Havent been able to figure out either what causing that.