Hello everyone. My first time posting in ipad forum. I need some help. I have 2 iPad3s wiith exact model and firmware 5.1.1. My son watches cartoon clips in YouTube and what they watched is save in the YouTube history. 1 of the iPad suddenly doesn't save the history anymore. Every time when the iPad goes dim for several hours or when I reboot the iPad, all the video in the history is automatically clear. It just appended all of a sudden. The other iPad is working fine. It will clear the history only when I choose the "clear" option. This particular iPad clear the history automatically. Both iPad is not log into YouTube account. They just go into YouTube and watch video from the history menu after I find the video for them. It's frustrating because my son is intellectual delay .With the history save ,he can always go back into history and find the video by himself. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem? 2 iPad setting are exactly alike. An this function was working last month. All of a sudden it stop saving the YouTube history. Thank you for any infomation and help.
I read it on the internet that a few people have this problem and upgrading the IOS doesn't solve it. Some mention that going into youtube and change the setting. Since I don't have a youtube account and 1 IPad works and not the other. I don't think it's youtube account problem. Someone also mention about chose "maintain history" in the ipad setting. I can't seem to find that option anywhere in the Ipad. There is no problem with network issues.
Thank you